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#672166 - Wed Dec 07 2011 03:48 PM Alec Bladwin kicked off flight
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"30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin was ejected off the American Airlines plane he was supposed to fly on, because he refused to turn off his iPhone when he was told to. He was playing a word game on it when the announcement came for all passengers to turn off their electronics. It seems some stars have a massive sense of entitlement!


#672208 - Wed Dec 07 2011 07:25 PM Re: Alec Bladwin kicked off flight [Re: tjoebigham]
veronikkamarrz Offline

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I would be so humiliated. How ANY people can just keep doing whatever, is amazing to me. Are some of us just 'entitled'? I don't think so. I do exactly as I'm told, in airports, courtrooms, you know! wink
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#672251 - Wed Dec 07 2011 10:31 PM Re: Alec Bladwin kicked off flight [Re: veronikkamarrz]
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You'd think the most famous Baldwin brother would have a his own jet instead of flying commercial like us mere regular people. smile
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#672269 - Thu Dec 08 2011 01:31 AM Re: Alec Bladwin kicked off flight [Re: tjoebigham]
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You have no idea how addicting words with friends can be. crazy

Seriously, though, that's a sign of a problem when you get kicked off the flight. And trippy as it might sound, my TV is on (for the first time in a while) and Alec Baldwin came on mid-post. On a random channel no less.
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#672364 - Thu Dec 08 2011 01:24 PM Re: Alec Bladwin kicked off flight [Re: Schoonie101]
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I don't know that this is celebrity entitlement versus entitlement in general. I sit next to people all the time, non-famous, that ignore the flight attendants completely. These people seem to think that their last text message is more important than anything else going on. I am also not sure that if Alec wasn't a celebrity he would have been thrown off rather than just reprimanded. Celebrity treatment can go too far on all sides. They stuck him on the next flight out, so it wasn't as if he was banned from the airline or arrested.

And yes, Words with Friends is horrifyingly addicting, lol. I post this as I am anxiously waiting to see if someone is going to play off of my "j".
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#672366 - Thu Dec 08 2011 01:35 PM Re: Alec Baldwin kicked off flight [Re: bubblesfun]
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As far as I am concerned, he refused to listen and got what he deserved. There have been others kicked off for far less than what his infraction was.
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#782360 - Thu Mar 29 2012 01:58 AM Re: Alec Baldwin kicked off flight [Re: dg_dave]
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I find the recent two instances of airplane bad behavior in stark contrast to A Baldwin's predicament. We are sad to see what went on in another American Airlines flight and the jetBlue flight, yet we are glad in those situations that the rules were violated so the phone cameras caught it all for us to see. The AA stewardess was occuring just after the time that it took place with Baldwin, taxiing away from the terminal. On the jetBlue flight, most of it was in the air but the scenes showing the pilot subdued were taken during landing, another e device no-no period. A Baldwin takes a popularity hit while the other phone users get praised and interviwed on TV.

Conspiracy theorists might make a connection between the use of these devices and the aberrant behavior. Every time one's reported now, someone had a phone going! Coincidence?

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#782506 - Thu Mar 29 2012 03:26 PM Re: Alec Baldwin kicked off flight [Re: mehaul]
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There is a proposal for a law in NY that anyone who causes an airplane to get turned back gets a big fine.
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#834590 - Sat Oct 27 2012 07:53 AM Re: Alec Baldwin kicked off flight [Re: ladymacb29]
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Whether games are addicting or not isn't the point to me. Why not wait to play until you're home or somewhere where you'll have more time--and les distraction? I myself play only when I'm fairly sure I won't be interrupted--or, as stated above, have enough time.
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