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#837329 - Wed Nov 07 2012 04:43 PM The guideline on quotation marks
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This question is more directed at the editors of the world category but any editor input would do.

Anyway, at the moment I'm writing a quiz on constitutional amendments and I've included a couple of questions involving the Supreme Court and needless to say, the names of several cases are included. So my question being, does the guideline on quotation marks cover Supreme Court cases (for example, Dred Scott v. Sandford)?
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#837344 - Wed Nov 07 2012 05:57 PM Re: The guideline on quotation marks [Re: Cuish]
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As an editor in World, I went and kind of looked at what we have done in the past. It looks like in the majority of instances, we have not required the court cases to be in quotation marks. As the system doesn't allow for italics, we usually require titles to be in quotation marks (such as for films, books, etc.), but since we haven't really required it for court cases in the past, then I would feel comfortable saying that it is not necessary.

We also haven't demanded that ship names be in quotation marks, though conventions demand that they are in italics in normal writing. I think if there were a way to do italics we might be a little more demanding on this issue.
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