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#95339 - Fri Jan 21 2000 12:09 AM New shoes and blisters
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Bought new shoes the other day. I purposefully made absolutely sure that they felt completely comfortable before I bought them. My opinion these days is "If they don't feel good in the store, they don't go home with me."

Just to be on the safe side, I used band-aids in the strategic places (back of my heels).

HOWEVER, I now have blisters anyway. Despite all that preliminary care.

So, my questions are:

1) How can I prevent this in the future? I did everything I could, I thought.

2) What can I do now about these blisters that are hurting - even though I'm wearing different shoes today?

3) What can I do the next time I put these shoes on to keep them from rubbing more? Do I just have to wait it out (and hurt) until they stretch enough to be comfortable?

4) I'm getting a pedicure on Saturday (I desperately need one - believe me, the cost of a pedicure pales compared to the cost of running every pair of hose I put on) - the blisters are still open and hurting. Is there anything I can do to keep the pedicure from hurting? It's supposed to be an enjoyable experience - not add additional pain. I have 2 days to prepare - can I heal these sores before then - or at least close them up some?

What tricks have you learned through the years for blisters and shoes?

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#95340 - Thu Jan 20 2000 09:26 PM Re: New shoes and blisters
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Don't know Linda1. The only thing I can think of is the band-aid thing. What kind of shoes are they? I'll try to think somemore. Of course my motto has always been "Beauty is pain"
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#95341 - Fri Jan 21 2000 01:15 AM Re: New shoes and blisters
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I don't know for sure either, Linda. Have you tried baby powder inside them? If it works maybe you could carry around a littl bottle of baby powder with you.

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#95342 - Fri Jan 21 2000 07:17 PM Re: New shoes and blisters
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You can buy special dressings for blisters - they are cushion type and really do help - they go by the name of Compede (I think) here. Much better than Elastoplast.
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#95343 - Fri Jan 21 2000 08:26 PM Re: New shoes and blisters
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#95344 - Fri Jan 21 2000 09:56 PM Re: New shoes and blisters
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When "breaking in" a new pair of dress shoes at work, I'll always keep an older, comfy pair under my desk and then switch back and forth for awhile, only wearing the new pair for short intervals at a time, until they have "softened up" a bit, especially in the heel area.

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#95345 - Wed Feb 16 2000 06:18 PM Re: New shoes and blisters
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"Moleskin" works much better than Band Aids. They sell it in the same aisle as the Dr. Scholl/foot care products in the drug store. You can cut the moleskin (it actually looks like dryer lint that's been flattened out, dunno why it's called moleskin) to fit the back of the shoe, and the self-adhesive back will keep it in place. You can slide feet in and out of shoe repeatedly w/o the moleskin losing its protectiveness. I stopped getting blisters when I switched from Band Aids to moleskin. Hope it works for you!!

#95346 - Sun Feb 20 2000 12:54 AM Re: New shoes and blisters
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Have you had your feet measured or do you buy just what seems comfortable at the time. Investing a bit of money in a podiatrist may yield some clues. My wife had plastic inserts made for her and she can now wear shoes comfortably.
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