Every year, a woman from the Lions Club calls to invite me to the annual Christmas dinner—and for the past few years, I’ve been surprised: my initial thought upon getting that call this year was, “Oh… it is that time of year, isn’t it?”

Last year was the only year I invited a guest to go with me—we’re allowed one guest, provided the guest provides transportation. Each year, my friend Eric gets a ride there by his mother, who is his guest. Well, last year, I invited my grandmother to the lunch. It was interesting, because she’s not familiar with the area—but we got to our destination OK.

This year, unfortunately, she can’t come because she’s still recovering from that stroke in July. So, in other words, one of the Lions will pick me up, and drive me over to the Country Club (where it’s been held since last year).
(1) Young I may be, but even young people are entitled to their opinions.
(2)Attempting to silence me doesn't hurt me, but the silencer.
(3) I must remain true to myself.