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#956308 - Wed Dec 19 2012 04:26 AM Better late than never so they say
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Seventy-one years ago when Jersey was occupied by German forces some of the local lads decided to 'liberate' some of the mail written by German troops to their families and friends in Germany, these were letters intended to be received for Christmas. The letters were kept safe, not destroyed, and some of the letters are to be delivered in the Frankfurt area around the anniversary of the date they ought to have been received, just 71 years late!

You can read the story here at

I would love to see the faces of the recipients if they are not warned that this to happen, puzzled I bet at the slow postal service. smile

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#956368 - Wed Dec 19 2012 02:27 PM Re: Better late than never so they say [Re: sue943]
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How wonderful that they were delivered!
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