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#956135 - Tue Dec 18 2012 11:42 AM Assuming that the world DOESN'T end on 21st...
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What do you want for Christmas, forget what you told that old bloke who pops in here each year, I am talking realistic and real presents.

Once the 25th has been, if it has been, we can then reveal what we actually received. smile

I have asked for a CD of something nice, it will be interesting to see what my daughter has selected for me - I just pray that it isn't Les Miserables!
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#956158 - Tue Dec 18 2012 01:08 PM Re: Assuming that the world DOESN'T end on 21st... [Re: sue943]
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Well, not that it's realistic, but a "real" nice present could be a new car. My car seems to be falling apart all at once and I've had my eye on a beauty. But as for realistic, I would be happy with trip to an all day spa.
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#956362 - Wed Dec 19 2012 02:01 PM Re: Assuming that the world DOESN'T end on 21st... [Re: ClaraSue]
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A Boombox, a tape recorder, and head bands… anything different OK, too (could use more shower gel, and Gold Bond lotion’s welcome, too).
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#956365 - Wed Dec 19 2012 02:22 PM Re: Assuming that the world DOESN'T end on 21st... [Re: Jazmee27]
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Forget world peace (it's never going to happen lol)
I just want some bath bubble stuff that smells like oranges.
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