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#956370 - Wed Dec 19 2012 03:07 PM Hi from the Sunshine State!
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waving smilee I'm not sure if I've posted in this forum before.So if I have, I apologize for being repetitive.I've lived in Florida since 1997 but was born in NY over none of your business years ago. (Hey...a true lady never tells her age! ;))My interests include my 2 cats ,the Internet & going on cruises. Plus I love oldies music. (Anyone remember the old variety show "Sha Na Na"? I've met Bowzer! He's not with Sha Na Na anymore but he's with another group & he's a SUPER sweet guy!)
cool )
See you around the boards!
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#956372 - Wed Dec 19 2012 03:18 PM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: Katzi428]
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Seven times in 2007 and twice in 2010! Welcome back. smile
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#956409 - Wed Dec 19 2012 07:47 PM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: sue943]
postcards2go Offline

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Hi, Katzi!

Yes, I remember Sha Na Na ... maybe half awake, in my crib, while my parents were watching? wink

No -- sigh -- I remember, too :-D laugh
~~ postie

#956416 - Wed Dec 19 2012 09:21 PM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: postcards2go]
Jazmee27 Offline

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A warm welcome, Katzi--glad to see you smile
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#956451 - Thu Dec 20 2012 02:26 AM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: Jazmee27]
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Welcome, Katzi!
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#956473 - Thu Dec 20 2012 04:33 AM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: TabbyTom]
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Hi Katzi ... and welcome smile!
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#956855 - Fri Dec 21 2012 09:29 PM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: Gatsby722]
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Welcome back Katzi, I have been to both your states so can visualise where you are and were as well. And I haven't heard of Sha Na Na since the 70s- we had a band at school who played all their stuff and also Rocky Sharpe and the Razors who also covered the same material back then who I also went to see live and were the best of them all. Don't wait so long before posting again wink
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#957359 - Tue Dec 25 2012 08:32 AM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: satguru]
MadMartha Offline
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Hi neighbor! I live just up the road in Georgia. Welcome! smile
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#957369 - Tue Dec 25 2012 09:02 AM Re: Hi from the Sunshine State! [Re: MadMartha]
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Welcome (back) to the forums, Katzi! Enjoy!


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