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#95850 - Fri Feb 25 2000 03:23 AM Fixing a Broken & Blown Lightbulb
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When changing a light bulb, occasionally the glass portion of the bulb breaks loose, leaving the base in the fixture, often with jagged edges. Try this trick. Go get a raw potato, shut off the power, insert the potato into the broken base, and use that to twist it out.

If this doesn't work, apply a spray-on penetrating oil and try again. As a last resort, try using long-nose pliers. Wear safety glasses and be careful of broken glass.

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#95851 - Fri Feb 25 2000 11:28 AM Re: Fixing a Broken & Blown Lightbulb
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Great tips, Dreamweave!! I have tried the potato trick and it works like a charm!

#95852 - Sat Feb 26 2000 12:30 AM Re: Fixing a Broken & Blown Lightbulb
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Don't use oil, Dreamweave, unless you clean the socket with a solvent and let dry before putting in the new bulb. Oil is an insulator.
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