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#95891 - Wed Mar 01 2000 02:11 PM St John's Wort warning
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On the news today I heard a warning about St John's Wort interacting with some drugs including HRT, oral contraception and other drugs. I have checked out the story on the Internet and this gives some information although perhaps not the full story.

People taking St John's Wort might think it worth investigating further.

The BBC also has several articles about it.


From over the pond....

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#95892 - Wed Mar 01 2000 02:19 PM Re: St John's Wort warning
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Kudos, Sue! Thanks for thinking of the group and passing along the info.

(You know, one of the things I love about this site is how we all seem to be watching out for one another. If we see something that might be of interest or might even save someone's health, we think of putting it here. We are a family in a lot of ways.)

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#95893 - Thu Mar 02 2000 10:49 AM Re: St John's Wort warning
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I agree with Linda1, we are like a little (not so little anymore) family looking our for each other and helping one another. Thanks for the information Sue. I see that some people who are undergoing migraine treatments should also stop taking St John's Wort. I will put a note in the migraine thread to read this information.

#95894 - Sat Mar 04 2000 11:27 AM Re: St John's Wort warning
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Sue thank you. HAve now read all the info and will pass it round my migpain group. I have b taking my tranqs AND St J so I am stopping St J immediately! Maybe the migs that are still leeching through will stop.
Well spotted!




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