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#96018 - Mon Mar 13 2000 03:49 PM Did you know?
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Did you know that if you press the fat end of an egg to your lips you can tell if it's fresh?(it will feel slightly warm).
Did you know that a little vaseline on your children's leather shoes will help to keep them dry when they go puddle stomping?
Did you know cigarette ash can be used as a non-abrasive silver cleaner--or that toothpaste can be used as an abrasive cleaner?
Just thought you might like to know.


#96019 - Mon Mar 13 2000 03:52 PM Re: Did you know?
Linda1 Offline
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Hmmmmm....interesting! I'll have to give these a try! (Well, except that cigarette one - don't have anyone around me who smokes!)

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#96020 - Mon Mar 13 2000 04:54 PM Re: Did you know?
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Thanks funzie!! We love all kinds of tips & tricks. Keep 'em coming!


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