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#960241 - Thu Jan 10 2013 07:00 AM Expert game hiccup
mdurnanj Offline

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I just had a strange occurrence playing a Who's the Expert game. I started a game with under 2 minutes left, did not finish in time, and got the "there is no record of you having started" message. OK. But then I clicked a Backwards arrow (once) and what appeared but a different game with all questions answered - most of them correctly.

I went through and corrected answers, submitted, and got a "there is no record" message again; I am not sure if it was for the Expert game or another.

I went to Expert again and started again. Lo and behold it was the second set of questions I had just seen. I answered again, submitted; this time it accepted the answers but with a longish time - possibly beginning at the moment I clicked the Backwards arrow and saw the questions the first time.

Strange, and probably irreproducible, and I doubt a story that can help identify a system issue. But here it is.

#960269 - Thu Jan 10 2013 09:45 AM Re: Expert game hiccup [Re: mdurnanj]
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Thanks for the report... it sounds like an issue of your browser "remembering" your answers from the 1st submit when you hit back, and then filling in the form with the same boxes selected, and the system just got confused about what hour's stuff you were submitting.

In general if you get the "there is no record" message, it's safest to go back to the homepage and proceed from there. I probably should add a link in that message.

#960271 - Thu Jan 10 2013 10:12 AM Re: Expert game hiccup [Re: mdurnanj]
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Yes, a link would be helpful, because, when that happens, the only thing you can do is click the back button.

I've had a similar thing occur, but then it brings me to an entirely new page without anything selected for me. Usually, that makes it so I don't know the category, but the hour will still count.

But that link would be great. smile
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