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#960824 - Sun Jan 13 2013 06:09 AM How's your Geography?
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Try this. I found it very informative. It was the sizes of the different countries that I didn't know, not so much the positions.How did you get on?

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#960826 - Sun Jan 13 2013 06:22 AM Re: How's your Geography? [Re: ren33]
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I got confused with all the '-stans' and put Mali where Chad belongs. smile
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#960827 - Sun Jan 13 2013 06:53 AM Re: How's your Geography? [Re: ren33]
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That was fun... Correct on the 'stans' but,like Oz, put Mali and Chad in each others places!

#960907 - Sun Jan 13 2013 03:47 PM Re: How's your Geography? [Re: ren33]
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I have a pre-WW1 atlas, with many of these countries marked on it, but I learned my geography at a time when the USSR ruled and Yugoslavia existed, It is very interesting to see many of the old countries back again after a period of dormancy.
Now, if only I could find Ruritania...
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#962257 - Mon Jan 21 2013 06:23 PM Re: How's your Geography? [Re: ren33]
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My geography is quite good. I use this site to practice:

Try it, it's more comprehensive smile


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