I am enjoying playing the crosswords and just have a couple of queries about them... if anyone knows the answer...

1. There doesn't seem to be a link on the completion page that brings you back to "where you were" (as there is on quiz completion pages, for example). Would it be possible to have one? Or is there a link I have missed somewhere. I find it a little frustrating that I always have to start back at the front page and remember where I found the crosswords I liked.

2. How do the crosswords achieve their hard/easy ratings? Is it about completion time and if so am I skewing things horribly when I start a crossword and then leave the page open while I do other things so that it takes an hour to finish a small easy crossword?

3. I can't see anywhere to rate a crossword as excellent/good/poor etc and I'm not necessarily asking for one but was just wondering why that's not an option. I have played several that I thought were excellent but didn't go to the trouble of writing a note to say so whereas I would have clicked a button to rate. Lazy, I know. smile