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#961073 - Mon Jan 14 2013 06:20 PM "No board ID found."
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Registered: Tue May 01 2012
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From the Author Lounge board I clicked on a link to a quiz in the "Sultans of Swing" thread (from the list of quizzes in the first post).

After I took the quiz (In Quiz Game mode, if that matters), in the part that says, "After rating, take me to:" I selected "Where I was".

Instead of taking me back to the board, I got this error:
"No board ID found."

Not a big deal probably, but something perhaps to take a look at.


EDIT: I did notice that for some reason the URL for the board where I launched the quiz from was

instead of

-- the short URL came after I had posted something to the board.

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#961076 - Mon Jan 14 2013 07:00 PM Re: "No board ID found." [Re: gracious1]
WesleyCrusher Offline


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That's not really a bug smile

The system remembers the last address you have been to. In your case, this was just because your last action before taking the quiz was to make a post in the thread.

That URL (as you already found out yourself) needs some parameters to work. When you post, these parameters come from the posting form. You later went back to it, but of course without submitting a form - you get an error.

This is an unavoidable issue - if the "Where I was" is a page that implied an action, you will always get an error. (That's of course still better than the alternative of inadvertently repeating the action!)
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#961092 - Mon Jan 14 2013 08:19 PM Re: "No board ID found." [Re: WesleyCrusher]
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Registered: Tue May 01 2012
Posts: 713
Loc: New York USA
Right. I figured it wasn't actually a bug after I examined the URLs, but I couldn't unpost, so hopefully this will just a be a nice FYI. grin

I guess what I didn't quite see was why after making the post the parameters disappeared.


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