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#961472 - Wed Jan 16 2013 09:03 PM History subcategories
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Are there any guidelines on categorization within the History category of quizzes?

There seems to be some overlap, for example, if I were to write a quiz on the 1930s in America it might fit any of these:

20 & 21st Centuries: 1930s History
Nostalgia: 1930s Nostalgia
U.S. History: USA in the 20th Century

And there might be others if I kept looking. So if there are any guidelines or suggestions that would be helpful. Also, what counts as "nostalgia" as opposed to just "history" as far as FT is concerned?

Thanks. Cheers. :-)
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#961473 - Wed Jan 16 2013 09:14 PM Re: History subcategories [Re: gracious1]
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I'm not a History editor and rarely write in History, but based on how specific these categories seem, '1930s History' looks like mixed and specific quizzes about the '30s and 'USA in the 20th Century' looks like 100-years worth of mixed trivia based in the U.S. There is almost always a clearer fit, and in some categories there may seem like a bunch of options. If there are any issues, speaking to a category editor directly is a good bet. We can always move your quiz to the right spot if it's in the wrong one.

I'll leave your other question(s) to the History eds. Figured I'd give a bit of a general response as I face the same sorts of placement questions with people submitting in Entertainment (for example). smile
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#961477 - Wed Jan 16 2013 10:23 PM Re: History subcategories [Re: gracious1]
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Nostalgia is for quizzes consisting mainly of a miscellany of questions on topics outside 'mainstream' history. Such quizzes might include things like: 'Who starred in [such and such a musical] on Broadway when it premiered in 1937?' 'What were pet rocks?' 'When was food rationing abolished completely in postwar Britain?' 'Which of these European actresses was allegedly unable to make a career in Hollywood in the 1930s because her great strength was in roles that fell foul of the Code?' When was the first single of 'Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? released?' (There is often a slight bias towards events in entertainment at the time).

In general, quizzes in the Nostlgia sub-category consist of a mixuture of questions of this kind. However, the best way to check out the flavour of the sub-category is to play a few quizzes from it.

20 & 21st Centuries including decades

This should not be used for specifically American quizzes.

U.S. History: USA in the 20th Century

This is the home for quizzes on the US in the 20th century.


Obviously, there are borderline cases and instances of overlap, so the editors use their judgement. One of the key questions that I ask myself in such cases is: Where is this quiz likely to get most plays?

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