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#963096 - Fri Jan 25 2013 09:35 AM Suggestion for enlarging question pool
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In order to make daily quizzes like “Team vs Team” more interesting and varied, the following technique is suggested: As the editors go about their daily business of editing new quizzes, making corrections to old ones, and playing various quizzes for themselves, they be allowed to check a new box when they come across a quiz that they think looks like a good addition to the pool of available questions (even though its category is not on the list of pool questions). This box would not be seen by Funtrivia players, but would simply let the Funtrivia software know that the questions in that quiz should be added to the pool of possible questions for “Team vs. Team” and other daily quizzes.
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#963099 - Fri Jan 25 2013 09:51 AM Re: Suggestion for enlarging question pool [Re: root17]
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This box would be redundant - for the games based on quizzes, ALL quizzes are eligible except those way too specialized (you wouldn't see stuff about a specific episode of a TV show). If fact editors do have the opposite button to specifically exclude a specific question from consideration in case it does cause problems in the game.

For TvT and, increasingly, other games, we use the single questions which are inherently an ever-growing pool. With the daily challenges now involving writing these questions, we see quite good growth there, so more and more games will use that pool.
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