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#964094 - Mon Jan 28 2013 09:19 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: MikeMaster99]
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Originally Posted By: AntonLaVey
When I was a kid, they taught me about Egypt, Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, Babylon, and all the ancient stuff. Junior High, I had the world's most boring history teacher. I have long forgotten what he was trying to teach. High school, they started with more current stuff and not just American history.

I can't speak for other states, but I learned about Texas History in 7th grade, US History in 8th and 9th, and World History in 10th grade. The 6th grade social studies classes were more geared toward what Anton is referring to above. It has been nearly 20 years since I graduated high school, but it seems like now these history/government classes are staying US-based. I did take a Government class as a senior, and it was primarily US Government.

Originally Posted By: MikeMaster99
That's my 2c worth .... which in Oz is rounding down to 0 as we now don't have any coins smaller than 5c!

They've been trying to delete the penny here for awhile. For people like Steve Noviello, what will he say at the end of his segment?
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#964095 - Mon Jan 28 2013 09:27 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: hazelpethig]
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Canada's losing the penny this coming month (this coming week, I think).
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#964099 - Mon Jan 28 2013 09:42 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: hazelpethig]
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Oh never mind. I made a mistake. Ignore this post. Nothin' to see. whistle

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#964102 - Mon Jan 28 2013 10:41 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: hazelpethig]
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They've been talking about removing the pennies for years. It hasn't happened yet. I will be THRILLED when they do. They're such a pain and waste of money. wink
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#964542 - Wed Jan 30 2013 08:39 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: salami_swami]
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Originally Posted By: salami_swami
Thanks, that's so sweet. smile

I think, on FT, we all feel truly part of "one world", and the national divisions don't mean anything here. That's my favorite part of the site. smile

How well said.

Sue (shuehorn)

#964560 - Wed Jan 30 2013 10:38 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: hazelpethig]
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Take a look at the thread over in the World Forum inspired by this discussion.

#964636 - Thu Jan 31 2013 10:18 AM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: Jabberwok]
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Originally Posted By: Jabberwok
Well, that explains a lot! smile
No, we are taught British history, but the slant tends to be slightly apologetic about the Empire.

Up here in Scotland we were mostly taught about the Wars of Scottish Independence in second year of secondary school (at least from what I remember) and then in standard grade (again, from what I remember) there was an extreme emphasis on both world wars and between with the rise of the Nazi party and the Weimar Republic. Plus things like coal mining and British housing during the nineteenth century. Then in fifth year in higher history we had Italian unification, the Weimar Republic and Britain's attempt at appeasement during the 1930s (see what I mean by extreme emphasis?).

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#964728 - Thu Jan 31 2013 03:32 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: hazelpethig]
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Haha, Cuish, I'm Scottish too, and it was pretty much the same for us - Weimar Republic, WWII, Nazi Party, and British housing and Industrial Revolution.

#964771 - Thu Jan 31 2013 05:04 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: hazelpethig]
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I grew up in Massachusetts, and remember that Grade 4 had a lot of the history of my town. Then there was Grade 6 Geography which actually did history of the selected countries - at one point we each got a different Central or South American country assigned, and had to produce areport and represent our country in a public performance. I learned a lot about Peru, but of the others only remember the fact that the boy who was supposed to to West indies (don't ask, I know it's not a proper country as such) did India, with an elephant on the cover. Grade 7 was American History, with a teacher who used lots of chalk cartoons - i remember the pilot dropping a brick on the soldiers in the trenches to show us the first use of aerial bombing in WWI. Grade 8 was Ancient History - Egypt, Greece and Rome. Then I moved to another state and school, and Grade 9 was supposed to be Ancient History again, so I had a special program that gave me a year of science that I hadn't had in my old school, where you were either in the Latin class or the Science class. Grade 10 was English History, with appropriate works of literature and the history of art, dress and architecture thrown in. Grade 11 I didn't choose the history elective, grade 12 American History was a compulsory subject. Actually, it was American until we got to the 20th century, post WWI, when we spent a month studying either Russia or China. And 1969 was the end of my formal study of any kind of history.
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That's all, folks!

#965234 - Sun Feb 03 2013 04:58 PM Re: Quiz topic: Government [Re: hazelpethig]
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I chose History as a subject in school and got Syllabus F; Revolution, Reaction and Reform (from the Agricultural Revolution to the American Revolution). The trouble was that the teacher was so slow that we only completed 2/3 of the coursework.

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