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#973546 - Thu Mar 21 2013 07:23 PM Errors
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1. Which of the following are NOT used in Thai cooking?

Your Answer: wa
The correct answer was pecan

I have extensively researched the Internet to find out what wa is. I have found absolutely nothing. I really don't mind missing a question as long as I understand why I missed it. That it came in my featured KO tourney added insult to injury. Does anybody have a clue as to what it is? I have tried to find the answer for some time now, and have decided to turn to the forums for help. Any insight?

#973558 - Thu Mar 21 2013 09:06 PM Re: Errors [Re: Johnsnow]
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It's probably a misspelled answer; I hope you sent a correction on it.
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#973619 - Fri Mar 22 2013 07:33 AM Re: Errors [Re: Johnsnow]
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I saw it too. As I recall, the quiz itself shows walnut, so I believe the game is misspelling it... I thought it was just my iPad. It does that to me sometimes.
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#973624 - Fri Mar 22 2013 07:55 AM Re: Errors [Re: Johnsnow]
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I've been caught by this one in a private tournament in the past. For the record, I've just played the quiz and sent in a correction notice on it myself - it is listed as 'wa' in the source quiz. (for now!)

#973637 - Fri Mar 22 2013 09:03 AM Re: Errors [Re: malik24]
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The quiz has been updated to walnut and the Q removed from the hourlies/dailies database.
Thanks for that!


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