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#975150 - Sat Mar 30 2013 06:36 AM Weekly Knockout Game
sisterseagull Offline

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I love the weekly knockout game; in fact, after authoring, I think it's probably the best game and the most fun on the entire site.

Has anybody ever considered making it more of a game though. At the moment we only play for four days and then its all over! I think that it would be fun if the knockout took place over a period of two weeks, or a month or maybe even over as long a period as the global challenge takes.

It could run in tandem with the weekly game so that those members that didn't want to opt in could still play the shorter game... It could be the Ultimate Knockout!

#975157 - Sat Mar 30 2013 07:35 AM Re: Weekly Knockout Game [Re: sisterseagull]
George95 Offline
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This has been brought up before, and as much as I'd like to see a site-wide KO (1,048,576 is 2^20!), I think it's a coding issue, and some players can't make it to a computer to play 20 consecutive games.

I hope I'm wrong in my thoughts. I guess it is those above me who truly knows all when it comes to this.


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