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#981900 - Wed May 01 2013 06:19 PM Streaming TV/Movies
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Looks like Netflix is going to lose 1000 movies this month.

How do you watch your TV/movies, beyond the normal cable/satellite/broadcast? I have Netflix and do a lot more streaming than getting the DVDs in the mail (but that's useful for new releases).

But there are titles that I can't stream on netflix - like Eight is Enough, which just released season 3, is only available via Warner Brothers archive releases. I'll gladly pay the $50, but would have welcomed being able to stream it as well.

I've heard Hulu is very good as well, but have never paid for it since I have Netflix. Amazon seems to have a lot of titles as well as iTunes. I haven't bought a movie/tv show from iTunes except for my daughter's Super Why so she can watch it in the car and two episodes of a show that wasn't released on DVD.
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#981906 - Wed May 01 2013 08:36 PM Re: Streaming TV/Movies [Re: ladymacb29]
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I like Hulu (although I don't have the paid version), and watch some on it. I don't have a Netflix account, though.
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#982146 - Fri May 03 2013 12:14 AM Re: Streaming TV/Movies [Re: ladymacb29]
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100% of my television viewing is done on the internet for free, through either network sites, Hulu, or video sharing sites. I use Hulu sometimes for old TV shows, but most of the current stuff requires Hulu Plus, so for current stuff I usually use the networks. Hulu irritates me because they will let you watch the first season of an older show, and then tell you you need Hulu Plus to watch the rest of the seasons. But since I've started using the internet exclusively, there has only been one show that I really want to watch that I haven't been able to find for free somewhere, and that's "The Sopranos".

As for movies, most people I know who have paid subscription services prefer Netflix to Hulu Plus, because of the movies by mail option, and also because Hulu Plus makes you watch commercials. I hear the problem with Amazon Video is simply that the selection is much smaller than Netflix or Hulu. But if you order a lot from Amazon, it's free if you join Amazon Prime, which also gives you Kindle books and free two-day shipping.
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