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#983721 - Mon May 13 2013 07:52 PM Volunteers
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A great story on the news last night about a man who needed help to rebuild his fence near the main road, after a bushfire, to stop cattle getting run over. He struggled with just himself and wife and daughter so he put ad in local paper for help. 20 people turned up and a 2 month job took a week. He has since started a country wide volunteer charity to help bushfire (wildfire) victims rebuild. He has thousands of people and has laid enough wire to circle the world twice.

I also like other volunteers like the Country Fire Association (fire fighters). We have the State Emergency Services who do everything from chainsaw a tree off your house to car accidents. We have an unpaid blood bank in Australia as well. I regularly get feedback from Doctors without Borders and was especially proud one month when we had 4 medical staff from the Blue Mountains involved.

I have mentioned only a few, but I would be interested in knowing of others. I know in the US there is an international organisation. I think Jimmy Carters Houses for Habitat or something like it is very good. I look for these good stories because I find it easy to get despondent with some of the ways people treat each other on this planet.

Lifeline telephone counselling was started many years ago by a Christian minister and has saved many lives. I trained with them and it is one of my proudest endeavours.

#983750 - Tue May 14 2013 06:11 AM Re: Volunteers [Re: mountaingoat]
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Jimmy Carter has been a strong force for Habitat For Humanity, which has done great things in building houses for people using volunteers, and it will be an amazing legacy for him.

#983753 - Tue May 14 2013 07:29 AM Re: Volunteers [Re: mountaingoat]
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There is a massive volunteer community here, you name it and there is probably a group volunteering. There is a directory of more than 120 organisations who want volunteers, then there are lots of other groups. I was involved in setting up the original directory and now the directory is maintained by our local newspaper and is available on their website.

One group was in the news this week, on Sunday they had their annual 'ride out', about 500 motorcycles touring the island and raising funds for Holidays for Heroes, Jersey. The latter provides holidays locally for people who have/are serving in the armed forces. The motorcycle group not only raise funds for them but take the heroes out on their Harleys etc when they are in the island having a holiday.

I personally volunteer at Shopmobility which is a charity which provided wheelchairs and mobility scooters for people to use either when visiting the island or for locals wanting to use one for shopping etc. I have in the past volunteered to help with the elderly and also in an Citizens Advice Bureau. The latter led to a fulltime job.
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#983756 - Tue May 14 2013 08:02 AM Re: Volunteers [Re: mountaingoat]
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There's the other aspect of volunteerism, which is not so focused on 'good works' but on making sure things happen in the community. I'm on the board of our library, and am just starting to get a glimpse of the enormous amount of work being done through Parks and Recreation boards and other small branches of local government, almost all done on a volunteer or tiny stipend basis.

#984179 - Thu May 16 2013 08:02 PM Re: Volunteers [Re: mountaingoat]
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Then the volunteers who run local sports clubs - especially for juniors. Without volunteers running those clubs and keeping children occupied a few times a week, there would possibly be a lot more kids hanging around lane ways and shopping centres smile
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