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#994455 - Thu Jul 04 2013 05:34 AM Happy 4th July to our American friends
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Even if you are celebrating independence from us! smile

Have a great day.

How will you be celebrating?
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#994463 - Thu Jul 04 2013 06:51 AM Re: Happy 4th July to our American friends [Re: sue943]
kaddarsgirl Offline

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If it doesn't rain today (like it's supposed to) we'll be having a cook-out and then going to see fireworks set off at the local high school. And...I get the day off work!! laugh
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#994471 - Thu Jul 04 2013 07:51 AM Re: Happy 4th July to our American friends [Re: sue943]
MiraJane Offline

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Going to see fireworks show at the beach!
Love the beach. Love fireworks.
At the beach show, the fireworks are far enough away so the sulfur leftovers won't bother my allergies.
And, even better, the police finally showed up & confiscated my moron neighbors stash of fireworks that he illegally sells every year. Plus, he sets them off with small fires resulting in neighbors yards & ruining car finishes.

Unfortunately moron neighbor has some stored away from the property & I was treated to fireworks at 2am. Oh,well.

#994525 - Thu Jul 04 2013 12:01 PM Re: Happy 4th July to our American friends [Re: sue943]
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Fireworks and barbecue, if it doesn't rain!

#994846 - Fri Jul 05 2013 04:42 PM Re: Happy 4th July to our American friends [Re: sue943]
Jar Offline

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Thank you Sue!

My 4th was just right for me - I stayed in, out of the HEAT and enjoyed the musical show and fireworks from Washington, D.C. on television.

On the other hand, sadly, on the local lake a party boat went out with 60 people and came back with 59. And no one noticed a missing person until they docked! Local Fire Department Underwater Search and Rescue are still searching this afternoon. frown

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#994965 - Sat Jul 06 2013 01:09 PM Re: Happy 4th July to our American friends [Re: sue943]
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First, lots and lots of beer followed by barbecued chicken; then more beer and lighting off fireworks followed by barbecued me.
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