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#1044607 - Mon May 05 2014 08:42 AM Re: Results & Standings .. FLC
KrivoyRog Offline

Registered: Sun Jul 30 2006
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Loc: Middlesbrough
Well done to the three eventual podium finishers and also fuss budget, at the top for so long. and eventually ending in 4th spot

Thanks also to George for his stellar write-ups.
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#1044611 - Mon May 05 2014 09:21 AM Re: Results & Standings .. FLC
paper_aero Offline
Forum Champion

Registered: Fri Jan 06 2006
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Well done all still standing after 46 rounds.

This season was the 8th edition of the FLC comp & once again no-one has retained his or her title. The defending titleholder was Dizart .. paper_aero is the 7th different winner (Sypher won it in 08-09 and 11-12).

Maybe not, from the first post in this thread
This is the 8th edition of the FLC tipping comp. Dizart is the defending titleholder:

2006-07 bracklaman PaulE gtho4
2007-08 ElfTwinkle PaulE KrivoyRog
2008-09 Sypher ren33 FussBudget
2009-10 Howie72 KrivoyRog paper_aero
2010-11 paper_aero Howie72 Sypher
2011-12 Sypher BxBarracuda trev1
2012-13 Dizart PaulE gtho4

I won 3 seasons back so still only 6 different winners.
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#1044613 - Mon May 05 2014 09:51 AM Results & Standings .. FLC
gtho4 Offline

Registered: Sun Dec 26 1999
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yep, that one went through to the 'keeper

now fixed!

#1044748 - Tue May 06 2014 03:53 AM Re: Results & Standings .. FLC
FussBudget Offline

Registered: Wed Mar 23 2005
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Loc: Brisbane
Well done to the top three and everyone else.

The 4th placed player emulated the team he supports - promised so much, delivered nothing in the end wink

#1045038 - Thu May 08 2014 07:26 AM Re: Results & Standings .. FLC
BxBarracuda Offline
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Registered: Wed Sep 05 2007
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Loc: Bronx
WTG paper_aero, Sypher and Howie.

Thanks for running the competition and your record keeping gtho.

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