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#999134 - Mon Jul 29 2013 09:33 AM HIGHEST PAID ACTOR
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I was appalled to hear that Morton Downey Jr. was the highest paid actor in 2012. He was paid $75 million dollars. $75 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! That's more than the President makes.

Mr. Downey is a talented actor (his "Chaplin" was a superb film and he carried it of brilliantly) but nobody deserves $75 million.

What do you think?
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#999146 - Mon Jul 29 2013 10:01 AM Re: HIGHEST PAID ACTOR [Re: vendome]
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I think you are thinking of Robert Downey Jr.

#999147 - Mon Jul 29 2013 10:20 AM Re: HIGHEST PAID ACTOR [Re: vendome]
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Yeah I wouldn't give Morton that kind of money smile. With "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" being as huge as they are I am not shocked. All of the big entertainers will still be getting paid the huge bucks as long as we are willing to pay to see and hear them.
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#999211 - Mon Jul 29 2013 04:46 PM Re: HIGHEST PAID ACTOR [Re: vendome]
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I think he also made a bunch of movies this past year - what is your amount based on? Average per film or total for the year?
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#999221 - Mon Jul 29 2013 05:15 PM Re: HIGHEST PAID ACTOR [Re: vendome]
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Agony is right--you are talking about Robert Downey Jr. Morton Downey Jr. was a controversial talk radio personality who died of lung cancer in 2001. Robert Downey (who played Charlie Chaplin) is quite hale and hearty.

#999235 - Mon Jul 29 2013 07:07 PM Re: HIGHEST PAID ACTOR [Re: vendome]
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He began his career in 1970. I counted over 80 credits in his filmography. Those residuals certainly add up! He has sung songs on some of the soundtracks for more upfront and residuals. There's also income from the merchandise and games associated with his films. I was just watched and was amazed by his performance in "kiss kiss bang banG" (that's how its titled!) opposite Val Kilmer and Michelle Monaghan. There is a fight scene in it at about the 15 minute mark that plays like George Zimmerman's police statement and it shows how he could have reached to get his gun (even though Downey is unarmed, his lower back gets exposed). And last night TNT aired his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes which was phenomenal. Other memorable efforts came in "Weird Science", "Air America", "US Marshals", "Bowfinger" and "A Scanner Darkly".
His films from last year, their gross and what his 10% should be:
"Sherlock Holmes A game of Shadows" (release 2011 but 2012 income)$500 million, $50 million
"The Avengers" $1.5 billion, $150 million

So, he's probably only getting 5% on his part of the two franchises, but that's his business after all, not ours, si?

"Ironman 3" is up to $1.2 Billion boxoffice so far this year!
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#999283 - Tue Jul 30 2013 04:15 AM Re: HIGHEST PAID ACTOR [Re: vendome]
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Actually I don't think Robert Downey Jr was the highest paid actor in 2012. That honour went to a Brit, Daniel Radcliffe, who earned $80,089,286.00 - although he might yet be disqualified for using wizard tricks on the figures. wink
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#999525 - Wed Jul 31 2013 03:00 PM Re: HIGHEST PAID ACTOR [Re: vendome]
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In the news just recently: the Forbes list of the highest-paid actors and actresses. And yes, it was Robert Downey Jr. who's at the top of that list. But it's not for a calendar year--it's for June 2012 to June 2013 (which may account for the different results cited in this thread.)


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