Son for Sale

Posted by: Lanni

Son for Sale - Fri May 09 2003 08:37 PM

Hyperactive kid for sale, good at vacuuming, not great at washing dishes because he's too short. Guaranteed to annoy. Five pounds or nearest offer.

Alex Wilson of Scotland jokingly placed this ad on the Internet.

When a woman found the ad for the five-year-old boy along side ads for bikes and carriage, Wilson found himself having to explain the matter to the police.

Until then, Wilson forgot about the ad.

The police took it in good humor and asked Wilson to remove the ad.

Posted by: sue943

Re: Son for Sale - Sat May 10 2003 06:47 AM

I think that is great but surely no one could honestly think it was for real, that he would really sell his son?

Obviously didn't get any response from the advert over the two year period.