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Posted by: pmarney

Newest Mixed Quizzes - Sat Jan 12 2013 09:07 AM

I did have a look around to see if there was a thread to raise this point and could not find one, so sorry if it is somewhere and I have missed it.

It is just a quick query about the scores for the Newest Mixed Quizzes.

When you complete your quiz it shows if you are in the top ten, but it does not show how many have played that quiz like a lot of the Daily and Hourly games do. You can go to scores but that only lists so many.

It may be just me but, I think it would be nice to know that when you are in the top 10 how many have played quiz, if I was 10th but only 11 played I would not be as chuffed as if I was 10th and 111 had played.

Not being a Computer genius I don't know if this is actually possible or how difficult it would be to implement.

I apologise in advance for spelling and grammar, not my strongest suit
Posted by: beergirllaura

Re: Newest Mixed Quizzes - Sat Jan 12 2013 10:26 AM

If you go back to the Homepage, and click on the 'scores' for the quiz you played, it lists a lot more than the top ten scores.
Posted by: mehaul

Re: Newest Mixed Quizzes - Sat Jan 12 2013 01:27 PM

I have never seen any rankings for Newest Mixed Quizzes results on the answer page. Every time I complete one I get the following closing statement at the bottom of the answer page:
Calculating your score..

Questions correct: 10 / 10
You scored 150 FunTrivia Points.
Score saved and points awarded.

Return to FunTrivia Homepage - Submit a Question of My Own
This is after taking the quiz in HTML mode. Are you seeing a different salutation when playing the PLAY mode?

I just took the same quiz in PLAY mode and the site ignored my score since it was a second attempt. But I see where you get the ranking angst.
However, the tactic of viewing your results off the "scores" as expressed by Beergirllaura is a good one. Since the guizzes only run 6-8 hours and then disappear, the list of scores seems all encompassing, lacking only an ordered, ranked arrangement.
Posted by: pmarney

Re: Newest Mixed Quizzes - Sun Jan 13 2013 12:34 AM

I've obviously not explained myself right I'm not talking about the New Question Game but the mixed quizzes (Newest Mixed Quizzes - new one every couple of hrs! ), they are listed on the Home page just above where Daily and Hourly games are listed, you can play them either in quiz mode, HTML mode and you can click on scores.

At the moment it is showing

Animals Mix: Play - HTML - Scores
Music Mix: Play - HTML - Scores
Geography Mix: Play - HTML - Scores
Harder Celebrities Mix: Play - HTML - Scores
Harder Mix of Everything: Play - HTML - Scores
Movies Mix: Play - HTML - Scores

Whilst yes the scores list more than the top ten it does not list all
Posted by: mehaul

Re: Newest Mixed Quizzes - Sun Jan 13 2013 10:53 PM

Why do you say it doesn't list all?
As I mentioned, the quizzes are only aired about 6-8 hours and when I look at the scores link from them on the home page, I see scores that go back, unranked and in order of taking, to when the quiz was put on line. That would mean all are shown (except for quizzes played in HTML mode, but you aren't worried about those.)

The feature I referred to is the Newest Mixed Quizzes.
That answer page blurb I copied about submitting a question of your own did not mean the blurb was from the Newest Question Game. There are several games/quizzes that have that verbage at the bottom of the answer page.

Edit: Could there be a browser issue that keeps you from seeing the whole list? I use a PC with Windows XP and IE. What is your viewing set-up?
Here is what I currently see. If you come on in the next 6-8 hours, you should be able to see it too.
@ 2:30 PM FT Time
Newest Mixed's latest is "Harder Mix of Everything".
The first score registered under the "scores" link was entered at 2:25 PM FT Time.
6 players had taken the game in PLAY mode by that elapse of 4 minutes.

@3:40 FT Time
There are about fifty players listed now.
The first entry from 2:25 is still at the bottom of the list.