Navigation Problem in Knock Out

Posted by: LadyCaitriona

Navigation Problem in Knock Out - Tue Jul 02 2013 05:31 AM

Perhaps this is a problem with my browser or computer set-up, but I'm not experiencing this problem on other games or in quizzes on the site. I've not been able to check if it's happening on another PC: I keep meaning to play from work and then forgetting about the game and getting myself kicked out of the tournament.

It used to be that after I clicked my first answer, I could then use the tab key to move from answer set to answer set without again using the mouse. This is my preferred method of participating in quizzes and games, and I'm finding that my time is slowed considerably scrolling with the mouse.

As I said, so far it's only KO that this happens, I've tried accessing a quiz and another game (Word Wizard) and the tab key works normally.
Posted by: LadyCaitriona

Re: Navigation Problem in Knock Out - Wed Jul 03 2013 07:51 AM

I finally remembered to try and play from my work computer, and I don't have this problem; the tab key works fine.

Does anyone with more computer knowledge than I know why it might be that for that one and only game and only on my home computer, I'm unable to tab between answer sets?