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Calling Mr tellywellies - Mon Aug 01 2011 02:50 AM

Martin my dear, with your television engineer hat on please.

My television is one of the old analogue ones, the huge type, manufactured prior to them starting to sell slim sets as a norm and was made by Thomson.

What I have noticed recently is that when playing theme tunes to various programmes there is the odd duff note which I initially put down to the stupid programme makers changing their theme tunes, but then I thought it unlikely that several of them do it at the same time. The sound appears normal for eveerything else, just the odd theme tunes like Emmerdale and Corrie, and I notice the odd duff note on some other music too.

So basically what I am asking you is whether it can be a fault with the telly? I am assuming that it is the same note in the various tunes. All our programmes are digital, I pick mine up through my Sky dish. Also, I have some hearing problems and can't be bothered to wear my hearing aid so perhaps it is my ears.

In all the years that I have had a telly I have never come across this before.

So you input would be appreciated Martin. Thanks.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Mon Aug 01 2011 10:18 AM

A few things can cause distorted sound at certain frequencies but I think it would most likely be the speaker causing it. Perhaps it's when louder or lower frequency notes are played? The speaker cone can distort a bit over a period of time and there's a moving coil that can rub against a fixed magnet. It's this that causes the sound distortion

You can't do this yourself but whether it was the speaker or not could be put to the test by gently pressing a finger on the rear of the speaker cone. This would make it move more centrally (stopped the rubbing). If the distortion went away, then it was 'new speaker' time.

There used to be a temporary measure I did until I could get back to the house with a new speaker. This was to push the speaker cone central by putting a little wad of cotton wool in between the speaker cone and the speaker's metal frame. A good 'get-around' so that people didn't have to put up with distorted sound until I could get back to them.

As said, not necessarily the speaker but it's a fair bet.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Mon Aug 01 2011 11:37 AM

Dear Sue,

My name is not tellywellies so I waited politely for him to appear, but now he has I'm taking the liberty... I'm sure his advice is good - I would even say it's sound but this may be a speaker problem so I won't. wink However, as someone who until recently used an analogue television may I suggest that this may be the time for you to bite the bullet and get a new, slimline, digital one? I did that and oh boy, I can't believe what I'd been missing all those years. I don't mean the digital stuff, I mean the picture quality! Naturally I shopped around online, then went into a couple of stores to see the sets in real life before coming home to order a cheaper one via this here internet thingy but even though I'd opted for the longer, free delivery, option it was nonetheless delivered the next working day. Worth thinking about? Hope you don't mind me butting in but I'll hop off now just in case. smile
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Mon Aug 01 2011 12:35 PM

Thanks Martin. Strangely it hasn't happened today and if it isn't likely to be a problem I would rather leave it for now.

Flopsy I don't mind you saying but with a five figure sum to pay out in the next couple of months on house repairs I really want to avoid any expenses like new tellies, or even repairs. Buying on the internet for something like this is not necessarily a good idea, getting work done under warrantee if necessary is likely to be a big problem so buying locally is often the best option even though expensive.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Mon Aug 01 2011 12:55 PM

Well, if there's no problem today, best wait until there is one - I'm with you on that, lol.

I got my tv from a high street store's website, I can give you the name if you like (though of course I've no idea if they have an outlet on Jersey), so I hope the warranty would be easier to enforce. I have to spend that sort of sum on my house too - so I can sell it!
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Mon Aug 01 2011 05:00 PM

I dumped an old Panasonic CRT TV last Tuesday. It made me wonder how I managed to carry those things around for all those years!. I think that's why I'm a bit prone to back pain these days.

I'd had the TV for about 18 years. Not as a main telly in later years but it was good for occasional use in the spare room.

It developed a fault that wasn't worth mending. Anyway, I don't have the tools and proper repairs bench now, so it was the end of the line for the faithful old TV. It hurt to dump it, I mean emotionally as well as my back. smile. The tube was still in good condition and I remembered how I was given the TV not working. I got it going and made it look like new inside and out. A shame to get rid of it. Alas poor Panasonic, I knew it well. frown laugh
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Mon Aug 01 2011 05:44 PM


I can't remember how old this set is, I know that when I bought it I searched the island for an old style telly, I mistakenly thought that we would all need to replace our sets when we went digital so thought that I would have to buy another for that. Naturally I now know that isn't the case. Even so, back then the new televisions were quite pricey so I thought if I hang on the prices would come down, and they have.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Tue Aug 02 2011 01:58 AM

I bought a 16" LCD TV for a bedroom a short while ago. What a hopeless thing it is! In a home situation, the viewing angle is dreadful. You have to be directly in front of it to see a halfway decent picture. The integrated Freeview tuner hardly pulls a signal in at all. We live in a marginal area for Freeview but the other TVs we have manage to do much better job of holding onto the signal than this TV. The sound quality isn't up to much either ..but then that's perhaps to be expected in view of the size the speaker has to be.

True it is a budget TV but from what I've seen, other small LCD TVs have a poor viewing angle as well. Best to put that to the test before buying one. Stand to one side or the other to see what the picture looks like. The same applies to viewing from above or below the screen. Viewing angle isn't so much of a problem with larger screen LCD TVs, just the small ones.

I still have two old 14" CRT portables running on separate Freeview boxes. I find these are much better for where a small screen TV is required.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Tue Aug 02 2011 06:57 AM

Sue, do you have the opportunity to hear the themes on a friend's set and see if the difference is heard on their set too? Or can you tape it off another reciever and then play it back on yours to hear sound difference? In the old vacuum tube chassis sometimes when an amplifier triode was beginning to fail, there was clipping at certain frequencies but others passed fine. Now with transistors, swapping out individual components is a benchtop practice, not for or in the home. But transistors are also known to do clipping before they totally fail.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Wed Aug 03 2011 02:40 AM

During the past couple of days the music seems fine so I will live with it until I have to buy another set.

Upstairs my old sets have FreeSat on one and Freeview on another, and one is just sitting there unused.

Now the initial surge for digital sets has eased off here, we went digital in November, prices ought to have settled for when I do need to replace my set.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Wed Aug 03 2011 03:42 AM

Our area is one of the last to switch the analogue signal off. It will happen in early February. Then the strength of the digital signal will be increased. If it makes a big difference to our (at present) marginal signal, we'll be staying with Freeview. If not, I expect we'll go fully to Freesat. We already use Freesat in one of the rooms.

Glad your TV is behaving at present. If it is the speaker, what can sometimes happen is that the metal frame of the speaker expands as the TV gets warm and that's when the coil rubs on the magnet. Since the cone is made of a kind of moulded cardboard, even humidity can sometimes make a difference. They're only cheap old speakers anyway. The TV manufacturers would only use ones that gave reasonable sound rather than hi-fi quality. smile
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Wed Aug 03 2011 04:48 AM

Tellywellies, you may find that when the switchover happens you manage to get the marginal stations just fine - we couldn't get Freeview here at all prior to the changeover because we were on the edge of two regions and two transmitter ranges but now it's good. The only channel I can't get is Film4.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Wed Aug 03 2011 08:14 AM

I hope that will be the case flopsymopsy. It would save me doing anything more to get a better signal to the kitchen and a couple of bedrooms (got cable in the lounge). I'll wait an see what happens in February but I've got some plans for if the Freeview signal doesn't improve enough. That is to get a larger satellite dish and an LNB with a few outputs. Freesat boxes can be obtained quite inexpensively now.
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Re: Calling Mr tellywellies - Wed Aug 03 2011 10:25 AM

You will probably qualify for the Help Scheme Martin, I did. My satellite dish was on its last legs so they replaced it all within the charge. As I had Sky downstairs they fitted FreeSat to an upstairs telly for me. The FreeSat box is very basic, but it works.