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Interview with Tizzabelle - Sun Nov 18 2012 09:38 PM

Plodd and salami_swami
I see by your profile that your hobby is "Comiconomenclaturism". Can you explain this to the uninitiated, and perhaps tell us why that is a hobby?

Comiconomenclaturism is the hobby of collecting funny names, the sort of names Bart Simpson would ring up Moe's bar and ask for. It's a silly hobby that I spend barely any time on, but it does make me grin when I see an amusing name. I have a book in which the author has collected amusing anecdotes and names. I found it on eBay years ago and had to have it! It might only be as simple as someone having a name which matches their occupation (such as the law firm of Lawless & Lynch), or a name that has you wondering what the person's parents were thinking when they were naming their new baby!

shuehorn and eburge
Is there an inside joke or story involved in your name "Tizzabelle"? What are some of the funniest names you've come across, within the FT world and elsewhere?

No inside story. It's terribly prosaic really. I've been around the internet a bit and used various nicknames. When I first went online and needed a name I sat there staring at the screen and thought I'd use my car's name which was Tizzy, short for Tizzabelle. I later became Tizzabelle, and a dozen other names over the years. When I found FunTrivia I never thought I'd be here as long as I have so I used the first name I thought of. I had a car with the registration plate of TZL ... My cars have always had a name and as Isabelle is one of my favourite names, so it wasn't of a stretch to christen my car Tizzabelle. My current car is blue so when it came time to give her a name it was obvious... Bluebelle!

Here's some great names from "Remarkabilia", the book I mentioned. All these names have been published in other sources and collected by the author who has verified them all (allegedly). Al Dente, Mrs Belcher Wack Wack, Dr Bonebreak (a chiropractor), Cranberry Turkey Breckenbridge Jr, Dr Deadman (a pathologist), Dennis Elbow, Dr Dotti (psychiatrist), Sir Edward Pine-Coffin, Dr Fang (dentist), Herman Sherman Berman, Honor Roll, Ima Hogg, Dr I. O. Silver, Major Minor (US Army), Major Quaintance (US Army), Pearl Harbor, Plummer & Leek (Plumbers), Rosey and Dewey Butt (brother and sister), sisters Comfort and Satisfy Bottom, Mrs Screech (a singing teacher) and her husband Dr Screech (a dentist), and Ure A. Pigg. They're just the ones fit for print here.

What is your favorite season of the year, and why?

Autumn. In Sydney we often have warm autumnal days with cool nights. That's my perfect weather. Sure, in Sydney it often rains in autumn, but a lovely autumn day is glorious in Sydney especially when my footy team is winning. Go Sea Eagles! Autumn can be a blessed relief after a hot and humid summer in Sydney which can drag on, and on, and on...

rossian and shuehorn
You live miles from anywhere in Australia. Have you visited any other countries, and if so, which was your favourite?

New Zealand is glorious and the people are lovely. I love San Francisco. It reminds me of Sydney in a way and I immediately felt at home when I was there. I recently went to Vanuatu and it reminds me of Bali back in the 1980s when I first went there before it became so commercialised. I'd love to go back for a holiday there.

Plodd and shuehorn
If you were to write a travel guide for your home country, which five places would you recommend people visit?

It depends on what you're particularly interested in but I'll give you the things I would love to do if I was coming from overseas.

1) Spend a day on Sydney Harbour. On a sunny day with a little breeze, it's magnificent. It doesn't need to be expensive. You can hop on ferries and spend all day on the harbour for under $20, going from one stop to another, getting off and wandering around at the stop, and hopping back on the next ferry.
2) The Great Barrier Reef. I love snorkelling so where better to snorkel than at the biggest reef in the world (while watching out for sharks, box jellyfish, stone fish, crocodiles etc)?
3) I love road trips so my dream is to one day pop the car on train to Perth. This takes about 3 days. Then I'd take my time and drive back to Sydney over the next two - four weeks, visiting Ayers Rock on the way, and Melbourne to see a Pies v Blues AFL match.
4) Animals! Australia does have some unique animals so I would have to see Australia's animals such as roos, koalas, wombats, quokkas, kookaburras etc. The snakes and spiders can stay in their holes though. I do my best to avoid them at the best of times so seeing them intentionally isn't on my list of must dos.
5) Food and wine. I'd want to try native Aussie foods like macadamias, kangaroo (delicious but it has to be done rare to medium rare. Anything more than that and you have shoe leather), emu, crocodile etc. Then there is the wine. Restaurant dining here can be expensive but when you get a great dish you don't care. On the other hand, you can find some fantastic food from many cultures (esp Asian) somewhere in Australia in cheap cafes and bistros. Pub tucker can be exceptional too.

rossian and salami_swami
If you had to live in another city, where would you choose and why?

I'd live in London for a year as a home base to explore the British Isles and Europe. Then I'd zap over to NYC for a year to see the USA and Canada. Then I'd settle in Hobart. As much as I love Sydney after being born and raised here, it really has become a rat race here. Hobart is smaller, quaint, close to nature, has the Derwent River to look upon, and the people of Tassie are lovely. It's a mite cooler than Sydney (it's even snowed on Xmas Day there) but that wouldn't worry me in the slightest.

You registered on the site only in 2009 and have risen rapidly through the ranks. How did you come across FunTrivia?

I've had a curious mind for as long as I can remember. Just ask my mother who gave me a toy accordion when I was 4 years old. I had it taken apart within minutes trying to find out where the noise came from. I also remember taking the back off a portable mechanical alarm clock to see how it works. I don't remember what I was looking for when I found FunTrivia but I must have been looking something up on Google, seen a link to FT, and that was it. I wandered around for a week playing quizzes before I joined. Then after three weeks I became a gold member and the rest is history.

I've always found you an easy editor to work with. What do you think are the best and worst things about being an editor?

Thanks, rossian. You'll make me blush! I love "meeting" authors around the world and learning while I edit. I enjoy being in "partnership" with the authors fine tuning a quiz. It makes my heart sing a little when an author takes a suggestion I've made and turns an ugly duckling quiz into a swan. I've always enjoyed problem solving so it's lovely when it all comes together. The worst things? I do feel bad when I have to send a quiz back because it doesn't meet the category guidelines. Rules are rules and I have to do it, but I don't enjoy it, especially if the author has put a good amount of work into it. Recidivist plagiarism is very annoying for a few reasons. Everyone's entitled to a mistake or two but to do it time and time again is a waste of an editor's time and author's. I enjoy doing quiz corrections from the notes but there are times when you'll get 5 or 6 or 7 incorrect correction notes in a row. That's head banging on the desk time. Please check your facts first. I promise you, Ottawa isn't the capital of Mexico and British English is perfectly acceptable on FT! On the other hand, those notes are very easy to dispose of! laugh

Is being an editor more work than you thought it would be?

Yes and no. In the beginning when I was a true newbie, everything took so long. Now it's much better as I'm more used to it but there was a time when I was pulling my hair out wondering if I had made the right decision in accepting the job. The old stubborn gene kicked in and told me not to give up and a few weeks later I was fine (and scored another category). I still consider myself a newbie at the editing game but I really enjoy it. It's my hobby. I even take it on holidays with me if possible so I can do an hour or so a day. It would be nice to do a little editing most days but I work 12 hours shifts, sometimes 3 or 4 consecutively. On those days I don't have much time for anything else other than work, travel, eating, showering and sleeping. Then I spend quite a bit of time editing on my days off. So, I'd like a couple more hours in a day please.

You have helped me numerous times when editing my quizzes, giving me advice and direction without losing your patience. Is there one editor that gave you inspiration when you started quiz writing yourself?

I don't recall ever seeing anything from you that exasperated me Plodd. smile The instance that comes to mind is a quiz I wrote with two questions the editor didn't think satisfactory for one reason or other. LeoDaVinci sent me a correction note about the questions and offered to help me rework the questions but my stubborn gene kicked in and I tried to solve the problem myself. wink Within half an hour I'd thought of two different types of questions I'd never written before. That correction note made me think of new ways of looking at any topic and was a lesson in "thinking outside of the box". And yes, the quiz was better for it. Thanks Leo. smile

Any favorite quizzes that you have edited? Favorite authors to work with?

A quiz can seem quite mundane at first while I'm editing then I start finding things in the interesting information that spark my interest. It could be something new (like the kodkod that I'd never heard of before until your quiz, salami) or learning new things about something I thought I knew a lot about before. Favourite authors? It's nice seeing some old faces roll up in the queue because you know they're work will be of a certain standard and if there is a problem, they'll be a joy to work with (yes, yes, including you salami wink ). On the other hand, an author you don't know arrives in the queue and you're delighted to find someone who writes well, has imagination and is pleasant to deal with. It's a bit like finding a $20 note that you'd forgotten about in a pocket. It brings a smile to my face.

What has been the best experience you have had here on FunTrivia?

The people here. Simple as that. Without the people I've come in contact with in person, while editing, on the Forum, battling them in competition, or by some other means, this place would be like being in school. I'd fill in quizzes and do research like I was doing an assignment for work or study. That would become very dry and dull in short order. It's the people that bring this place alive!

When you're not being an editor extraordinaire in your respective categories, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I used to do a lot more before I discovered the internet! Nowadays people might call me trivia obsessed. I prefer the term "focused". wink I do read a bit though not as much as I used to. Reading material could be anything from the fluffy book I'm readying now which will be a chick flick "movie of the week" one day, to gruesome murder mysteries (especially a good history mystery), to books about history, nature, people etc. I have been known to do all the "girly" things like cross stitch, patch work, and knit. I don't mind getting into the garden. The one thing that is sacrosanct is my Wednesday night trivia competition with a group of friends at a club. We've been playing together since 1997 and what ever money we win goes into the bank. About once a year we go on a holiday with our winnings to a rented house near the beach. It's the best day of the week and sometimes we have so much fun chatting that the trivia is quite forgotten. It has been known that we've looked up at the scoreboard and found that we've won and wondered how it happened as we've been laughing so much. Other nights we lose badly but we don't care. It's our weekly get together and we love it. smile

One of your strengths is writing killer brain twists, something that many of us find difficult to do. Any tips for those who aren't as good at that task (this quizzler included)?

Thanks Sue! I'm blushing again. In all honesty, I was stumped for ages about writing Brain Teasers. I love drop a letter quizzes but I wanted a new angle that hadn't been done before to my knowledge. Then I had a brain wave one day and started writing. No magic tricks unfortunately.

If you could meet any person, past or present, who would you choose?

Just one? Elizabeth I comes to mind. She was a modern, accomplished woman for her times and I'd love to ask her about a few things that are rumoured but totally unverifiable such as HRH being the secret mother of Sir Francis Bacon... and did Sir Frank really write all of Shakespeare's works, and what her father was really like, and how she felt about seeing so many people executed in those harsh times etc etc.

If you could have an unconventional animal as a pet, which one would it be, and why?

That is possibly the easiest question of the interview. Cats. Wild cats. Anything from a kodkod to a Siberian tiger. I had the chance to pat three cheetahs at a zoo in Canberra and it was a magnificent experience. They were like a normal domestic kitty cat, just a larger and with bigger teeth! I could have laid down next to them and cuddled them like a house cat but I thought that was a little risky. They licked my hand while I patted them as they lay in the sun on a cold Canberra morning.

In my perfect world, I'd also have otters, either river otters or Californian sea otters. They are mad and adorable. Then I'd have some fabulous wolves, meerkats (otters of the savanna), a couple of elephants (baby elephants are too cute), fennec foxes, and some birds of prey. I'd dearly love to do some falconry but it's illegal in New South Wales. I can only imagine what it's like to have a falcon or other large bird of prey landing on your hand and hand feeding it. I'd also need some kookaburras, whip birds and owls around the traps singing in their unique voices. While I'm at it, throw in some penguins. My perfect menagerie would have nothing venomous!

Have you got any secret addictions you would like to share with us (i.e. lamingtons, vegemite, watching "Neighbours" on television)?

Reality TV, but not the reality TV you're probably thinking of. I love "Project Runway" but not because I'm clothes obsessed. I usually find the subject of clothes quite dull (but I love jewellery and handbags). I love "Project Runway" though because I am intrigued by the creative processes in challenges such as making an outfit from car parts, reusable shopping bags, or things you can find in a greengrocers. I wouldn't have a clue where to start but somehow they create some amazing garments. I'm also watching "Ice Road Truckers" this season because it's so completely alien to anything we do here in Australia. One season will probably do it as it will become repetitive but for the moment, it's fascinating. The other show I'm intrigued with at present is "Megatruckers", an Aussie show in which a heavy haulage trucking company moves some massive objects. I mean, if you had to move a piece of equipment several hundred kilometres with truck, along public roads, some hilly regions, and it weighed 192 tonnes, where would you begin? The answer is with five trucks joined together like a train set, and move very, very slowly through any towns in the middle of the night so you don't knock out the electricity lines. It's so different to anything I've ever done that I find it interesting. smile I can also watch "Friends", "The West Wing" and "Law and Order" repeatedly but that's normal. Isn't it? smile Mayonnaise.. I never buy it because I can eat it by the tablespoon and come back for more. And that's all I'm admitting too! wink

What is one thing that you wish to accomplish that you haven't yet done? Conversely, what is one of your proudest accomplishments?

Having nursed in intensive care units since the 1980s, I can honestly say I've been part of a large team that has saved the lives of many people who have gone on to live their lives again after nearly perishing. We don't think of it very often as it's just part of the job but it is lovely to see or hear of patients who were incredibly ill going back to their lives and families.

I don't know that I'm "proud" of this because I don't really know that I have this talent, but I've had more than a few people tell me I always know the right thing to say. I suppose that comes with maturity, perspective and experience, but I always thought I was more afflicted with foot in mouth disease rather than perspicacity. I still manage to put my foot in my mouth occasionally but not as often as I used to. Still, it's nice knowing that some people appreciate the waffle that comes out of my mouth on occasions.

Things on the to do list. The next major thing is the demolition of my house and the building of a new one on the same site. I plan to do this in the next year or so. smile After that, I'd like to travel more but the trips I'd really love to do will take time so might have to wait a while. I love cruising so I'd love to cruise Alaska and Canada's west coast for starters. I'd love to do a road trip across the USA and then back thru Canada. I dearly want to see the aurora borealis one day.

I'd also like to do some volunteer work for a charity on a regular basis eventually. I give some money regularly to a few charities but with an irregular work schedule, donating time is a little tricky. (I'm getting a headache...Is my halo on too tightly?)

Thanks to Tizzabelle and our wonderful assortment of interviewers.
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Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Sun Nov 18 2012 10:03 PM

Wow, nice interview, Tizzie!

I laughed so hard while reading those funny names. My favorites are ones I thought of myself. if my name was Dover, my kids would have to be Ben and Eileen.

And I must blush as well. I am glad you enjoy working with me and my quizzes. smile and so thrilled you liked learning of the kodkod so much. laugh
Posted by: Pagiedamon

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Sun Nov 18 2012 10:16 PM

The funny names made me laugh out loud! I'd love to meet Ure A. Pigg.
Posted by: ren33

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Sun Nov 18 2012 11:01 PM

Really fun interview Tizzabelle! I relly enjoyed knowing more about you
As to the funny names, we get them here with a vengeance( Company names Lee Kee Boots and Shoes, also Lee Kee Umbrellas, Won Kee Bicycle Co , and used to be in the Phone book under Places of Worship: The Sher Lee Temple) Now I know who to send them to.
Local people love a unique Christian name and love to choose something weird like for instance Expo Kwan who teaches at our school.There is an lady who is a government economic advisor, called Money Lo. In my last Primary One class there was a little girl called Wind Lee. ("Did you pass Wind on your way to school?")
You had better move to Hong Kong!
Posted by: ozzz2002

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Sun Nov 18 2012 11:14 PM

Very nice interview, mate! Sounds like you all had fun putting it together.
Posted by: eburge

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 12:04 AM

Cracking interview, Tizz. laugh
I'm glad my animal question was easy for you to answer. I found it harder to come up with the questions than to answer them. ;p
Posted by: rossian

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 01:34 AM

That was an interesting interview, Tizz, and I'm glad I had the chance to take part.

I've a name to add to your collection. When I lived near Bristol, our local estate agent was called Luce Panes. I've just looked them up, and the firm was established in 1966, although the original Mr Luce was an auctioneer, land and estate agent in 1889.
Posted by: Tizzabelle

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 09:48 AM

Thank you to all my inquisitors, especially for asking questions which didn't ask about my bad habits and worst characteristics. I've come out of this interview looking rather like Pollyanna which will amuse my real life friends no end wink

Ren, when I was in Honkers a few years ago I looked out for funny names. I caught a few funny signs but very few names. The one that stands out is the department store with an unfortunate name.. you'll know the one I mean laugh
Posted by: Plodd

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 10:42 AM

It was a pleasure being one of your inquisitors smile I am sure that everyone in time will add to your list of funny names, but it brings to mind a trip I made to Devon in the West Country a few years ago. There was an estate agents (realtor) called Force & Son. Every time they sold a house, up went the board which read "Sold by Force". There were a lot of houses in Devon sold by Force smile
Posted by: dcpddc478

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 11:19 AM

Wonderful are a woman of many facets...thanks for being an FT friend as well as a very approachable editor smile
Posted by: salami_swami

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 11:24 AM

My friends took a picture of a street sign in Hawaii. It was pronounced as "Peh-ee-peh-ee falls". Spelling? Peepee Falls. The picture is now hanging in my bathroom.

Hmm, you mentioned it, Tizz, which was your mistake. Now I ask one additional question.

Tell us of your bad habits and worse characteristics. wink jk jk
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Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 12:35 PM

Great interview.
Posted by: Mariamir

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 03:42 PM

Lovely interview! It's good to know about you other than being butted by a ram. grin Hilarious, too, those names!
Posted by: ren33

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 03:55 PM

I do know the one you mean. The chain is owned by the Wan family!
Posted by: zorba_scank

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 08:42 PM

Great interview, Tizz! I enjoyed reading through it.
Posted by: Jazmee27

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 09:21 PM

Excellent interview, Tizzabelle!

Those names are hilarious. My one friend and I compile lists of our own—she from lists of names she comes across in her work, me ones I read in magazines. Sometimes they’ll be whole names, but mostly just first names (the occasional surname, but not usually). Favorites include Glenwood Branch, Mom and Meth—and those are only the three that popped into my head!

Edited to add: just remembered Pippin Roe.
Posted by: salami_swami

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Nov 19 2012 11:33 PM

Now I must know this Wan store name thing. :P
Posted by: ren33

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Tue Nov 20 2012 12:47 AM

Subliminal message being sent. Did it work?
Posted by: SOTHC

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Tue Nov 20 2012 02:57 AM

Great responses Tizzabelle. I have just found out that River Phoenix's real name was River Bottom
Posted by: salami_swami

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Tue Nov 20 2012 08:17 AM

Lol, ren, so far, no luck with my subliminal message. wink any luck with yours?
Posted by: dg_dave

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Tue Nov 20 2012 03:50 PM

I know what my subliminal message would be, but it would be of no help to anyone lol.
Posted by: salami_swami

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Wed Nov 21 2012 12:14 AM

lol, my subliminal message, should it prove to be successful, would really benefit me, well, perhaps not benefit, but it would make me happy. And others would be happy, in the long run. :P
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Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Thu Nov 22 2012 06:06 AM

No because it's rood, and this is a family site.
Posted by: ClaraSue

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Thu Nov 22 2012 08:36 AM

Fun and interesting interview.
Posted by: Tizzabelle

Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Thu Nov 22 2012 09:58 AM

If that subliminal message I just got was from you salami_swami, you're to go straight to the naughty chair! If not, then carry on! smile
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Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Mon Dec 03 2012 05:36 PM

That was a great interview and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Wow, Tizzabelle, I consider myself to be a very new editor as well, so to hear that I helped you out and made you think outside the box at the beginning of your quiz-writing days was very flattering!

Come see Canada! I have a spare room in my igloo, if I can move the beaver to the den, and we can go ice fishing. Don't worry, I'll lend you snowshoes and a hockey stick (yes, spontaneous games of hockey break out here all the time all over the place, especially now with the lockout). It's a wonderful country!
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Re: Interview with Tizzabelle - Thu Dec 13 2012 10:07 AM

Enjoyed reading your interview Tizzabelle. I can see that I need to broaden my 'horizon' where Forums is concerned. There are so many of you that I haven't actually met, yet I have been around for a long time! smile