Fall 2011 New Tv Season

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Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Oct 03 2011 12:57 AM

Yikes. Do I dare start a new thread for this season? Last season was so exciting, at the start (for me, at least), only to leave me/us with Hawaii Five-O as one of the only bona fide hits? Say what? See ya later Detroit 1-8-7, Terriers, The Event, The Chicago Code, and some others that we didn't even get to know what channel they were on before they got the axe. I'm sure some others survived from last year that weren't horrible, or anything, but Hawaii comes to my mind as the only one that splashed and stayed splashed. I still don't watch it (but I keep hearing that Scott Caan is awfully good in it, and everybody from A+ to C- lists want to guest star in it, too). Great. See what happens? A retread does well, and along they came with a "try again" on a camp classic like Charlie's Angels. I'm going to add Mike and Molly as another show that deserves some credit from the 2010 debuts, as far as I dare reflect on the thing. But back to Charlie's Angels. I actually watched it, and thought it was so dreadful that I was wildly irritated trying, after it was over, to think of anything right about it! The acting was pretty bad, the writing was mostly awful, and the plot was w-a-y cumbersome. We need a *hunk-y* Charlie? A David Doyle type would be chopped liver, or what? On that one I think I'm safe this year, though. The audience and/or ratings ain't there. It wasn't broke (pretty much) the first time around. No one seems to want to see it happen again; the ratings at the gate for it are dreadful. Then there's The Playboy Club (another one cashing in on the '60s buzz surrounding the stylings of award-winning Mad Men). I haven't watched it, but I'm reading (unanimously) that it sucks badly. I DID watch Pan Am, though ... and didn't hate that one, as far as the 1960s go. But it isn't buzzing too well, either. The very worst new show I've seen so far? It's How to be a Gentleman. It is easily the most insulting, and dated, and badly written dreck I can count for September. But I've not watched many newbies yet, so there might well be worse ones out there. Unforgettable and Prime Suspect are pretty good, I thought. I like strong female characters who take no crap ~ and I like it when they get written well. Both of those shows seem to be doing the latter, especially. Imagine it? A developed female hero? Have none of the writers had a look at The Good Wife? Strong lady characters, rightly drawn, can rock the networks AND the Emmy Awards. I did catch, too, a new 30-minute sitcom called Suburgatory. I'm sticking with that one --- even though that first episode was bangingly rough. I think I see what they're trying to do with it, though. I have a hunch that it'll work. Jeremy Sisto is a pretty watchable actor (a nice counter to that daughter of his on there, who so far comes off as Lindsay Lohan after a bad press release). And, as I ramble on? I have one pick, so far, that I'm liking a lot. Anyone catch Person of Interest? It intrigues me no end, and we're just getting started! Is it one of those that will get so convoluted and 'out there' (ala FlashForward and The Event) as to fizzle out come January? Could happen. But I like the stone-faced lead (Cavaziel is his last name, I think). That's my pick as the *best* so far this season, though, for what it's worth. Eagerly awaiting American Horror Story on FX, too. Sounds like it might work, for me.

So? Anyone else have any big ideas for the Fall season grin. I've talked enough. I'm curious to hear what you all (an esteemed bunch, for sure) are thinking!
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Oct 03 2011 02:04 PM

I watched Pan Am too and it seems ok enough right now - I wonder if the CIA storyline will grow though.

Was wondering about Suburgatory - glad you liked it enough so maybe I'll check it out.

House returns tonight - I'm not sure how it will work without Cuddy. I have a feeling the show will have 'jumped the shark' now.

I'm TiVoing Glee right now because I didn't see season 2 - those episodes are coming in the mail from Netflix (finished disc 1 and disc 2 should be in the mail today). Also need to catch up on Army Wives, but I think I have a while to wait on that one before it starts up again. NCIS is back as well - the first episode was a bit hard to get because they tried wrapping up several storylines at once, but the second episode was better.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Oct 03 2011 02:22 PM

Couldn't agree more about "How to be a Gentleman". What terrible writing and terrible acting. The lead is dreadful.

I did give "Suburgatory" a chance...and...I can't form an opinion yet. The daughter is too old to play a 16yo, I know that, as she's 23 in real life I think. I know older actors always play younger roles, but they couldn't cast a 18yo? or at least 20yo? The show is pretty cliched so far though and I don't know if that'll grow on me or offput me by episode two or three.

I'm a big fan of "Person of Interest". I think it's a new/unique/original premise for a show and they do it well. The lead is good, but the supporting actors they've had so far have been outstanding as well. I also like "Unforgettable", but I like Poppy Montgomery quite a bit so no surprise there. Show might get stale though.

Also watched the pilot of "Homeland" on Showtime last night. I think I'm going to really like it. I'm a big Damien Lewis fan, so that helps, but the show looks very intriguing in all the different plot twists they can go with.

That's it for new shows for me this season so far. I'll still be watching "Criminal Minds", "NCIS: LA", "Glee", "Dexter", "Blue Bloods", "The Middle", and probably catch "House" just to see how it all ends. I agree with ladymacb that the show jumped the shark already and I grew tired of it two seasons ago. It used to be about solving medical cases and now is all about House's addictions and drama in his relationship with Cuddy (and everyone else). Not a fan of so much of that crap.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Oct 03 2011 02:52 PM

Person of Interest--yes! I'm fascinated by both the main characters. Was with the younger one right from the start, and the zinger at the end of episode two made me want to find out the scoop on the older one.

My favorite from last season, although it was a replacement show and didn't start until January is Harry's Law. Kathy Bates and company are such fun and I'm really glad that Tommy Jefferson will be a regular this season.

Of the 30 minute shows that I've caught, only 2 Broke Girls is getting another watch. I've seen two episodes of it now and enjoyed both. Love that they're not politically correct.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Tue Oct 04 2011 07:23 AM

Returning shows - Hmmmmm....Hawaii is still good and the season opener was cool. Another show that has just started its second season is Nikita. A pretty good opener but I don't think it will last as most of the good storylines has been used. The new arc is not bad but it's not season 1.

Good to see 'Being Erica' is back for a 4th season as well as How I met Your Mother (7th season). Problem with HIMYM is how long can they drag out as to who is the kids mother. If I was them, I would have left that couch and done something less boring then to listen to your dad ramble on about everything and nothing.

New Shows - Terra Nova. Not bad but it reminds me of Jurrasic Park / Lost and then throw in a bit Avatar (only because one of the main characters was in that film).
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Wed Oct 05 2011 09:19 PM

Oh, very nice. Watching American Horror Story as I type (but am taping it as well, so I won't miss anything I can't re-check later). How old is Jessica Lange, anyway? Doesn't matter ... I gotta say, out-of-sync or not, that woman is one of the sexiest people I notice every time she shows up on anything! Not sure what her character in Horror Story is up to just yet (it's the first show, so they're mysteriously introducing everybody) - but who cares? Lange shows up and the screen is on fire. Then? Throw in the *rock solid* leads from tried-and-true former shows like The Practice and Friday Night Lights? Awesomeness! Cynical and tiny misgivings abound, though, as I watch. Seems weird to say that it is, so far, a quizzical blend of The Amityville Horror vs. The Others vs. Beetlejuice??? Ye Gods, how can they write all that right, and make it work for an audience to turn into it weekly? We'll see, I reckon. I like it plenty, thus (shortly) far into it. Me doing that AND that it airs on FX? The probable kiss of death.

Suburgatory was better tonight, I thought. They're softening the daughter and pulling in the new neighborhood/peer groups nicely now. I agree with your appraisal of that young actress, pyonir. Thing is, she came across as her real age that first episode ... I thought tonight she lapsed into actress mode and acted much more like a wobbly teenager. She scared me that first night. Just because of what you said: she was a grown and cynical woman pretending to be a rebellious teenager, that's all I saw. Her and her Dad seemed like sociological/psychological not-so-funny equals! I'm not sure how many people want to see that sort of thing. Again, I think I see what they want to do with that mix of things, though. Tonight seemed like a step in the right direction. Still liking Sisto bunches.

The Playboy Club gets the prize for being the first cancellation this season, eh? Can't say I'll miss it, since I never saw it (or noticed its seeming abundance of shortcomings). Charlie's Angels looks like it'll go soon, too (but it's an expensive production, so they'll likely keep it for a while so as to recoup some of said expenses). It's pretty much in the tub, though. Haven't seen much of that The New Girl yet --- but its ratings are very sound. I think it even got picked up already for the entire season?

I got on the band wagon and watched the return of Two and a Half Men these past weeks. Never a huge fan of the show, but was wondering how they'd transition it. I didn't hate it, or miss Sheen, or anything else I was supposed to do. All I kept thinking was "thank you Berta smile!" (she kills me, every time I tune in to that show). I sorta wish, and prob.ly always will, that it was Jon Cryer who who left that series. He's v-e-r-y unfunny, in my opinion.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Thu Oct 06 2011 05:10 AM

I know it is not a new show, but I just watched the season finale of Warehouse 13 and I have to say....what a fantastic double header!! At least we can look forward to season 4 as that has been renewed. Without giving any spoilers away, the acting was brilliant, storyline came to a dramatic close and the special effects...WOW !!
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sat Oct 15 2011 01:58 PM

This TV fan-dom is getting just a little bit ridiculous now, I've decided wink. I've always been a fan of the genre, o' course (grew up in the '60s, and all that --- long before entertainment was as high tech and wildly accessible as its gotten in the last twenty years) but, this whole week upon sucking down that first cup of morning coffee, the initial thought that pops into my withered old head is "OK, how many days left until "The Walking Dead" comes back?" Yuk. Other people are starting to whittle off shopping days until Christmas. Me? I'm counting down days until zombies walk the Earth. Tomorrow night is the night, though, and I'm notably excited to see where they go with it. Will I be disappointed? Prob.ly. Buzz has it that they plan to turn the heretofore good guy sheriff into a conflicted mess - which, I'm told, is true to the graphic novels that the series is based on - and I'm not sure I'll like seeing him have an apocalyptic breakdown but, hey, I suppose it'd not be so unusual for even a stalwart hero to get slightly unhinged in the face of the walking dead en masse; I'll stay interested. Now that the first several episodes are under the new shows' belts I've been gaining interest in some, and losing it in others, as things are going. I, for one, am feeling a shift that I (for one, again ... I make no universal judgements on such matters) am not liking so much. The first [slight] disappointment is how the awesome-at-the-gate "Person of Interest" has changed its tone. Is it just me? Maybe I expected too much? Naturally, I could be all wrong in noticing such a shift, too, I realize. At any rate, it seems to be getting a little (what I call) "Seventh Heaven"-ish ~ starting a murky and complicated dramatic situation and speedily wrapping it up so that, by the end, everybody's happy and nearly reciting an O. Henry short story in unison. As far as keeping an audience, I understand that that's the sort of thing that gives a program a loyal fanbase and a strong demographic. I also think the show is better-than-average, and much better than so many other new ones ... based on the short list I've seen of 'em. I was just hoping the semi-dark edge would rule the day a little more. The stone-faced main character is even getting to smile occasionally, I noticed this week!? Not sure why, but I took that as a bad sign, somehow. Never mind. The kinds of shows I enjoy, especially the complicated and entirely moody ones, never last. My misgivings about "Person of Interest" might be just what it needs to avoid cancellation. "Suburgatory" took NO time in getting itself right, if I may offer my opinion on it. In just a couple of weeks it's found just the right tone, or at least the tone I thought it was striving for. All the plastic suburbanites are getting more likable and three-dimensional and those put-upon city folk are, while still the protagonists, showing a little plasticity in themselves here and there, too. Nice balance brewing, and the writing is sharpening well. The jokes are so subtle, mostly ~ and I like that. Another sitcom that I watched ten minutes of when it debuted, and hated, was that "2 Broke Girls". See what I get for judging too quickly smile? I caught a newer episode and to my surprise? I thought it was genuinely funny, had an unflinching heart to it, and somehow made that core friendship it's built on believable. As far as comedies go, was I disappointed that "How to be a Gentleman" got an early axe? Nope. I was thrilled. While it's a bad move not to give a show time to build itself and grow? That mess of a thing had no chance and nothing to build on. Nothing that I, anyway, could see.

Oh, and (sigh), I'll not get started on "American Horror Story". Not much, anyway wink. I love that program to pieces! I have no idea what the heck's going on through the majority of it, mind you, but it's visually amazing ... and the characters are so enigmatic as to be irresistable. It's a spooky and puzzling pleasure. Maybe I'll even know what's really happening in it by mid-2012? Until then, I'm pretty sure I'll not be able to take my eyes off of it as it befuddles me with horrific deceased twins, cupcakes laced with ipecac, and so forth.

Any updates from you all out there? Have we all collectively abandoned network TV by now shocked ?

edited for typos, etc. ...
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sat Oct 15 2011 03:08 PM

I am baffled as to how CBS can't find a show to catch on after their hit Big Bang Theory, How to be Gentlemen is just the latest. The long time hit CSI had followed that time slot for a long time until this year and Person of Interest, which I think still has an audience, me included, now follows it. Usually you could put any show inbetween two hit shows and it would be able to hang in there, but not that time slot for some reason.

In terms of returning shows I watch, Ted Danson isn't as a bad a fit as I thought at first, I don't like his type of character, but he plays it well. Mentalist is good, the comedies Modern Family, Big Bang Theory and Raising Hope are still funny as ever.

I am liking Whitney, I really like the casting here, so far and I also find something interesting in Two Broke Girls.. Whitney Cummings is making a splash this year, she is the Whitney from Whitney where she is co-executive prodcucer of and she is co-creator/co-producer of Two Broke Girls and both are on different stations.

Person of Interest is good.

I am lukewarm about, but will keep watching, the two female led crime shows Prime Suspect and Unforgettable. I love the writing in one, but don't like the lead actress's work too much, while in the other I don't like the writing too much, but love the lead actress's work. Both have great and interesting supporting characters. I liked Body of Proof when it started late in last year's schedule, I found to have a good "Crossing Jordan" quality to it, but am not as impressed with this year's starting episodes, hoping for it to improve.

Walking Dead returns tomorrow night.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sat Oct 15 2011 03:13 PM

I think the main problem with "Person of Interest" is that it is on network TV. I really, really like the premise and thought the show was going to be great. As you stated, Gats, it's taken on a typical network drama that ties up all loose ends each episode and we all walk merrily into the sunset. It would do better on a network like AMC where the storyline evolves across an entire season. I missed out on watching "The Walking Dead" last season and won't jump into a show like that without seeing the start, but another show on the network "Breaking Bad" just had it's season finale. With this last season, it further solidifies itself as one of the best shows on television and mark my words now, Bryan Cranston will win the Emmy for his performance this season.

Anyway, back to PoI, with a storyline that could evolve episode to episode, it would be much better. The network dramas basically have to tie everything up every episode so people won't be completely lost if they join in on it later on. There are very few that survive with a storyline that extends across multiple episodes (see Desperate Housewives and Lost...how many people just started watching either show half way through a season?).

I tried watching "2 Broke Girls" and it's definitely not my thing. I didn't find it funny in the least and turned it 15 minutes in. "Suburgatory" has definitely gotten better, quick. I agree with you Gats on that one...very subtle humor and I dig that. I'm not a huge fan of laugh track comedies..."Big Bang Theory" being one of the few left that I can tolerate (and even that show is losing it's edge and charm), so "Suburgatory" fits into that category where you have to realize they are jokes on your own. I like that subtlety. That's about it for new shows from me.

Edit: Bx reminded me about "Unforgettable" (how's that for irony, forgetting unforgettable?). I do enjoy this show as well...but not sure how long my interest will last. Watching series' like Dexter, Breaking Bad and Homeland make me hunger for a developing storyline over multiple episodes and makes it harder and harder to watch shows that tie everything up every hour.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sat Oct 15 2011 03:39 PM

I think they have a walking dead marathon tomorrow afternoon, I think there were only 6 original episodes.

Cable shows, even the ones on basic cable have much more they can work with and aren't as handcuffed as the network shows.

Couldn't agree more that shows with long running storylines are more interesting.

I keep getting the feeling that they are setting something up between the main character and the police detective, , not romanticaly. That storyline and the pasts of the main character and the machines creator if done well will make the show better and hopefully they will speed up those storylines soon.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sat Oct 15 2011 04:14 PM

Unfortunately our satellite is out until a tech can come out Tuesday, otherwise I'd be checking out the walking dead marathon. frown

Definitely agree about PoI and the couple of story lines hanging over the show. As long as they don't dangle those over our heads for a full season or more. One small thing I really like about the show that is unique is the transition shots...views from security camera and CCTV systems. I find that to be a very interesting and creative way to transition between scenes (and alarming if you think about it...that all those cameras are active 24/7 and recording everything, but that's a whole different animal of a topic).
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Thu Nov 03 2011 11:58 AM

I read an interesting 'thing' about "Person of Interest" this week, by the way. Not sure if it's accurate (truth is, in thinking it over, I'm not sure if it can be ... and it was on the internet, too, which immediately makes it dubious at best), There was some sort of newsflash that, as the season progresses, we will be led to believe that there is a common thread that [somehow] ties each of these cases together, each one (so far, and in forthcoming episodes) will be a small piece in a bigger puzzle? Even though I'm finding it very puzzling to see how that could happen - what can a returning war hero turned bank robber have to do with some of the other more terrorist(ish)-oriented plots? - I find it very intriguing, this idea that it could be unfolding that way. It would make the episodic shift the show has taken FAR more compelling, doing that. It'd be rather smart, too -- doing the neat-and-tidy stories that happen each week (that most viewers are satisfied to watch) and coupling it with a larger scenario (that more discerning viewers would get jazzed by). I won't vouch for the accuracy of any of that report, of course, but I'd be thrilled if it were to be true. One thing I CAN say, for sure, about the show is that it has picked up for the entire season. I was really glad to hear it. In a season that seems widely defined as one with no breakout hits, and with almost everything sitting "on the bubble" (as in studios aren't yet convinced that they'll order any more episodes of them or not), nice to see a promising one get some big shot loyalty behind it. Looks like "Prime Suspect" and "Unforgettable" will get to show a full season, too ... but neither is quite a "hit", quote/unquote, just yet. I'm supposing that some important somebody, somewhere, is still confident that they might become one, one of these days. Another interesting thing I was reading: there is some speculation that the debacle that was Jay Leno doing prime time not so long ago is still making it difficult to 'sell' a 60-minute drama airing at 10PM. I sorta doubt that ~ but I reckon it's possible. It seems odd, however, to me that audiences even remember what was even on all that passionately two years ago. That it might reflect what they're willing to watch NOW? Maybe the bigger dilemma is that the networks insist on coming up with so much pandering crap, time after time? Much as I'd like to blame Jay Leno for just about everything that has gone wrong all over the place (wink), I don't think he deserves to shoulder the blame for "Charlie's Angels" or Playboy clubs in primetime television, circa 2011.

"Suburgatory" is, in a word, awesome --- and hasn't missed in an episode yet. In fact, it continues to get better. I know, I know. I've gushed about it already, but I'm so-o-o glad to gush about a new sitcom that both improves AND is so sneakily smart that it deserves kudos for that alone! I find that I've now found the true charm in the returning "The Middle", too. It's probably always been there, but it was one of those things that needed to grow on me, I guess. The power of a time slot helps it as well ... but it's a solid (and sometimes hysterical) program, in my opinion. I still haven't seen "Whitney" yet, BX. I need to (the reviews make it sound terrific, and I really like Whitney Cummings, too) When's it on? I think that's my problem in watching it. I'm never on the network when they promote it (assuming they do promote it, and I'm sure they do) ~ so I keep missing being led to it. "Raising Hope" is back after a break. I still can't get enough of that show smile. Hope is already ambulatory (which isn't a stretch) - and her facial expressions are priceless. Notably when the immediate family is surveying those expression for signs that she has inherited the part of her mother's gene pool that comes predisposed towards serial murder. Cracks me up.

It is disappointing, and I keep hearing it both here and elsewhere, that I didn't get onto the "Breaking Bad" train in time. I watched it once or twice, but I had NO idea what was going on as I missed so many key elements in prior episodes that I never had a look at. I tell ya ... that program gets almost universal raves! And I missed sharing in it. Sigh. Ergo, I will not make that same mistake again (where possible). Cable TV has clearly captured the market on outstanding/original 10PM drama, and I'm glad somebody has. So I'm not missing, ever, an ep of "The Walking Dead" or "American Horror Story". To be honest, I'm not sure I'm allowed to because if I did, I'd feel completely lost. And both are so well put together that I truly don't want to miss a minute of either (Lord knows how long they may, or may not, last). "Dead" has taken a slight shift this year, so far, but it's working well doing so. The shock and horror of the zombie invasion was handled so graphically, and startlingly, last (short) season that now they're investing the story in the interpersonal relationships amongst the survivors. "Relationships" might be the wrong word ~ the "tensions" sounds more accurate. The zombies still are key to the action, naturally. But how the 'real' folks handle this strange new world is fascinating to watch. Very Orwellian, much of the time. And "Horror Story"? Well, that one is just insane. And I really mean it ... it's entirely nuts! But it's Stanley Kubrick-ish brilliant craziness to both watch and attempt to figure out. They are taking every horrible incident that has (or maybe has) happened in the world, attaching a character to it, and putting them in or near that ungodly house, one after the other! I think the show has paid some sort of homage (already) to EVERY horror move ever made!? And more than ten gruesome historical real news headlines as well. Fascinating stuff. The Shining/Kubrick influence is not at all cloaked, either, make no mistake.

OK. I'll be quiet now ... just wanted to check in. Everybody still watching stuff? Let me know what you're thinking ... I want to make sure I don't miss anything good that I haven't been lucky enough to find on my own yet smile.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Thu Nov 03 2011 12:55 PM

Bones...Season premiere this week.....At Last !!
Posted by: PurpleFan

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Thu Nov 03 2011 03:48 PM

Oh I am so thrilled it is finally back on!

I can't wait.

Funny thing I was just about to post to you Sypher to see if you were as happy as I am that Bones is back.

From the small previews I have seen it looks like it is going to be a hoot.

I will post again after I have seen the Preview and will look to see what you thought also.

Posted by: PurpleFan

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Fri Nov 04 2011 01:24 PM

It was great.I am so glad they are together.

I loved when he has to rush home and he finds Bones on the floor stuck after she has a fall.

And how cute is Angela's and Hogins little boy.I hope Bones's Father and Angela's dad show up and get to meet.

I am so glad you members like this show as I have no one to talk to here about the show.

Looking forwards to hear wht you all thought of the new series.

Take Care,
Posted by: Gatsby722

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Fri Nov 11 2011 01:21 PM

I'd love to add to the "Bones" discussion smile - but I really can't. I'm a season or three behind, as I'm only catching reruns now on TBS. Love that show, though ... unfortunately, I never seem to catch the current episodes. I was reading something about it the other day, a good article about how the folks behind the program have all these creative plans as to how NOT let the series go the route of, say, "Moonlighting" (terrific stuff until the main characters gave into their chemistry and 'got together' ... at which point everybody seemed to stop watching). Cool thing about "Bones", however, is that there are several very interesting supporting characters to follow in it, too. I hope it works. The two leads are so different from one another, yet perfect for each other at the same time. I'd think that'd give the writers a bottomless pit of material to work with. I can't wait to see how, or where, Booth and Bones find common ground where child rearing is concerned. Faith or science, eh?

Another question for erstwhile viewers of all things TV that I was wondering about: what are we making of the sudden fascination with fairy tales? Two rather splashy ones to consider -- "Once Upon a Time" and "Grimm". I've watched both and, to my surprise, didn't hate either one?! I, personally, have no interest in watching an hour's worth of literal fairy tales during primetime ... but I like how they're using said tales as not just a reference, but a resounding theme ~ yet, there doesn't seem to be anything remotely non-adult about how they do it. In my opinion "Once Upon a Time" has nothing but endless potential for the writers, as they go about developing these 'people' week after week. Emma the abandoned-on-the-roadside offspring of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming? And she walks around in the real (and very modern) world with an edge as hard as nails? The possibilities of cynical ol' her being mixed up with ogres and evil queens (not to mention her OWN newly-discovered son which she, too, gave up as a young and troubled woman) seem endless. To me, anyway. Will it live up to its promise? Anyone's guess, so early in, I reckon. The ratings are extremely good for it, so far. "Grimm" is more a procedural ... maybe "Once Upon a Criminal Minds", or something. But it's interesting, I think. Both shows, while being somewhat similar in intent, are at least predominately original TV fare. I'm always happy when original stuff shows up. It seems kinda rare, that happening ~ especially after the major networks get through trying to establish an immediately solid, and profitable, fanbase.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Fri Nov 11 2011 04:09 PM

Gats, it's funny you mention that both the fantasy based shows are original TV fare...yet isn't it odd they both have the same main concept and came out at nearly the same time? So much for originality. For what it's worth I haven't watched either, and never plan to. No interest.

Gats, did you watch the premiere of "Hell on Wheels" on AMC? I didn't watch it, but have heard good things...wondering what your thoughts were if you had watched it. Not a big interest in that time period for me, but I did enjoy the series "Deadwood".
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Fri Nov 11 2011 05:27 PM

I like "Grimm" better than "Once upon a time" but they are both good. I'm eagerly awaiting the next seasons of "Breakout Kings" and "Being Human".
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sat Nov 12 2011 06:47 PM

I also like "Grimm" better than "Once upon a time" although this week's episode of "Grimm" was a bit of a letdown for me.
Posted by: Sypher

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sun Nov 13 2011 07:47 AM

I've only been watching Grimm but so far I've liked what I've seen. I suppose getting used to the characters will make this show worthwhile and I'm hoping that it won't get cancelled. I hate it when you invest all your time watching a season for then find out that the networks have cancelled it. This really got to me when I used to watch the Dresdan Files.
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Nov 14 2011 10:25 AM

Ok, I watched "Allan Gregory" on FOX twice now. Both times I thought the show... well, sucked. It's not funny to me. Sunday nights on FOX I expect comedy that will make me laugh - this show doesn't and it repulses me sometimes (like the first episode where Allan Gregory meets his principal and has a daydream about her - I almost changed the channel then and there).

I hope it doesn't last too long - makes me miss King of the Hill even more.

On the other hand, did anyone catch the mention to the "Cleveland Show" on "Family Guy"? does this mean that show's not coming back? (I didn't like it, but compared to Allan Gregory it wasn't that bad!)
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Nov 14 2011 10:36 AM

I completely agree with you about Allan Gregory. The whole thing with the school principal is just foul. The only acceptable part is the sister.

I like Grimm very much, so far...
Posted by: george48

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Nov 14 2011 12:08 PM

I'm glad i'm not the only person who dislikes Allan Gregory,talk about wanting to slap his supercilious little face and more to the point it's just not funny.
I had forgotten about Breakout Kings,thanks for the reminder,Grimm is good,never caught the other one yet,not a fan of Bones,never warmed to her character.
Posted by: ladymacb29

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Nov 14 2011 01:02 PM

Just watched the latest episode of Pan-Am - it was very good, I hope they can sustain the show.
Posted by: pyonir

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Nov 14 2011 03:33 PM

I checked out the pilot for "Hell on Wheels" on AMC. It was okay...some bad parts, some okay parts, a couple decent parts. I'll give the next couple episodes a shot, but if they don't improve in acting, story and the cliches; I'll be abandoning it.
Posted by: rayven80

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Mon Nov 14 2011 05:09 PM

Sypher, read the Dresden files books, they are far better than the show ever was. I agree, last week's "Grimm" wasn't as good as the first two. It happens I suppose. I couldn't bring myself to watch "Allen Gregory". From the previews it just seemed bad.
Posted by: Sypher

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Tue Nov 15 2011 06:40 PM

I'll check out those books. I didn't even know they existed.
Posted by: bubblesfun

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Wed Nov 16 2011 11:47 PM

Wow, I finally watched Allen Gregory. What a bad show. So bad it bordered on offensive in its lameness.
Posted by: Gatsby722

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Thu Nov 24 2011 01:57 AM

I thought that this article was kinda cool smile, not to mention being in step with the holiday (and all that ...) ~

25 Reasons To Give Thanks For TV This Year
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Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sun Dec 18 2011 04:34 AM

Here I am coming late to the party again ~ much as I do in real life. But it took me forever to get caught up on new TV this fall. Due to a changed work situation, I can't watch any primetime TV in person anymore, so I am now getting 99% of my TV viewing via the internet. This enabled me to wait and watch when it was convenient ~ and also to read what all of you have said before deciding what shows to check out. Then, of course, I had to catch up on all those missed episodes. But I am now currently up-to-date, and actually at the moment am completely without anything new to watch.

First and foremost, I am completely obsessed with "American Horror Story"! I'm thinking this one might need a thread of its own ~ there is so much going on there to discuss. The last 2 episodes in particular were particularly compelling. They might be paying homage to many horror movies, but in my opinion, they are doing it better than the majority ever have.

"The Walking Dead" was a treat after so long a wait. Too long a wait, really ~ they are lucky so many of us stuck around waiting for so long. I've seen a lot of complaints on the internet about too much "soap opera" and too little zombie action this season. But I really have to disagree. Zombie killing is fine in a feature film, but one can't base an entire television show around nothing but trying to kill all the zombies. Now we have to wait til February to see the fallout from the barn executions. Feels like forever, but at least it's not a year and a half this time. (Not watching television shows on the night they premiere has some disadvantages -- a great big freakin' thanks to whoever posted the pic of Zombie Sophia emerging from the barn right there on the Google news page to spoil the whole thing for me! I would much rather have been surprised!)

I've picked up "Suburgatory" based on Gatsby's recommendation. It's no "Modern Family" but I've enjoyed the characters as they've developed. I'm still having a really hard time buying Tessa as a teenager. The episode featuring her 16th birthday nearly killed me, as I only discovered at that point that I was supposed to be buying the fact that this character was a mere 15! They couldn't find an actual 16 year old actress anywhere on the planet to play this role? Still, as long as I pretend this person is the most mature 16 year old on Planet Earth, this show and I get along just fine.

I'm also watching "Once Upon a Time", which is fairly entertaining, but not one of those shows that I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I keep up with it but it's usually at the bottom of my viewing list.

I tried "Terra Nova" but found the storyline a bit too episodic for that sort of show. The ratings weren't stellar, and I was a bit afraid of getting "FlashForward-ed", so I've let that one go for now.

Still watching and thoroughly enjoying "Modern Family", but really don't watch anything else from prior to this season (unless you count "The Walking Dead"). So I guess I would have to declare the fall 2011 season a success ~ at least at my house.
Posted by: Gatsby722

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Sun Jan 15 2012 11:42 PM

Had to pop in to this one and say (hardly a surprise!) congratulations to Jessica Lange for her Golden Globe win for "American Horror Story" smile. Note: I'm sure she's reading this, so saying that seems especially urgent wink. Also to "Modern Family" (Best Comedy Series) and Peter Dinklage (Best Supporting Actor for "Game of Thrones"). I'm unfamiliar with "Homeland", since it's a premium channel show, but I'm told by excellent sources that it is insanely good ... so congrats to them, too! I won't be peevish (too much) and get all carried away with Kelsey Grammer winning - I saw one episode of "Boss" and one was way enough, in my opinion. Enough said about that, though. Maybe it got better?
Posted by: BxBarracuda

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Wed Sep 19 2012 10:38 AM

I am not thrilled that a show I was really hoping for "Last Resort", which stars a favorite actor or mine, Andrew Braugher, is slated for an 8 o'clock start time.

I fear it's either geared for a different audience then I fit into, even though the premise and previews wouldn't suggest that, or it will not get near as many viewers in that time slot.
Posted by: pyonir

Re: Fall 2011 New Tv Season - Wed Sep 19 2012 04:02 PM

Originally Posted By: BxBarracuda
I am not thrilled that a show I was really hoping for "Last Resort", which stars a favorite actor or mine, Andrew Braugher, is slated for an 8 o'clock start time.

I fear it's either geared for a different audience then I fit into, even though the premise and previews wouldn't suggest that, or it will not get near as many viewers in that time slot.

It's doomed being in that time slot. Against Big Bang Theory and XFactor? Really? I still have no idea what the show is about, and early indications seem that that show won't last no matter the time slot.

However, I too am a huge Andre Braugher fan. Just wish he'd find a series that stays on the air. I really dug the show "Thief" when that was on...but didn't last past a season. He was simply brilliant in "Homicide" and even in his minor role on "House".