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#965210 - Sun Feb 03 2013 03:11 PM mouse problems
Eastenders01 Offline

Registered: Thu Dec 30 2010
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Loc: Ontario Canada
I was wondering if anyone would have a solution to my roaming mouse problem. Whenever I am playing a quiz especially when I am going at a good speed and use the roller
going down the page it changes the zoom level of the quiz. It can be very annoying. This happens to be at least 10 times a day. It goes from 100% to 75%. It does not happen on anywhere but trivia and only when I am playing quizzes. Does anybody have any solutions or why this might be happening?
Thanks for any advice.

#965214 - Sun Feb 03 2013 03:48 PM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
Barbarini Offline

Registered: Sat Sep 04 2010
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Loc: Alberta Canada
You might have inadvertantly hit the Ctrl key at the same time you're scrolling...happens to me on my laptop if I place my non-mouse hand too close to that corner of the keyboard. Hope that helps.

#965288 - Mon Feb 04 2013 12:59 AM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
tellywellies Offline
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As Barbarini has said, the middle wheel should only act as a zoom when the Control key is held down. Strange that the problem only happens when playing quizzes though. Perhaps just make sure that the Control key feels OK. Could the key's contact pad be intermittently touching?

Is the mouse running on Windows' own mouse driver, or have you installed additional software for it? If you have installed mouse software, it might be worth going to the Control Panel and looking through the mouse options to see what actions are assigned to the wheel and buttons. There might be something there that could affect mouse behaviour.

Is it a cordless mouse?
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#965334 - Mon Feb 04 2013 08:28 AM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
Eastenders01 Offline

Registered: Thu Dec 30 2010
Posts: 48
Loc: Ontario Canada
I have a laptop but am using a Microsoft wireless/cordless mouse that I purchased separate from the laptop. I don't come near touching the control key on the keyboard.
I think I did go to control panel and didn't see anything that would help. I am somewhat computer challenged so I will check again. Thanks for the tips and if anyone has any other ideas they would be quite welcome. Thank you.

#965515 - Mon Feb 04 2013 05:49 PM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
pyonir Offline

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How old is the mouse?

One thing you can try is following the guide posted here:

#965522 - Mon Feb 04 2013 06:30 PM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
postcards2go Offline

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I have a wireless mouse, and have found that it needs to be 'shut down' regularly. Otherwise, it goes crazy LOL. I just shut my laptop down once a day for about an hour or two.
~~ postie

#982647 - Sun May 05 2013 04:57 PM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
Jakeroo Offline

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There's a switch on the bottom of wireless mice. You could try just turning that off (saves on battery usage as well) until you next need to use the puter, rather than rebooting (not that rebooting occasionally isn't a good idea, as postie has said, since doing so should clear your cache and fix other issues on its own).
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#982685 - Sun May 05 2013 09:05 PM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
Jar Offline

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I, too, have a wireless mouse. I find that occasionally I inadvertently hit the button on the right hand side of the mouse which causes it to magnify. Then I have to "unmagnify" by manually clicking on the itsy bitsy window that pops up when I do that. It's a Microsoft wireless laser mouse, if that is of any help to you.

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#982764 - Mon May 06 2013 06:58 AM Re: mouse problems [Re: Eastenders01]
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Whenever I see this thread, I cant help it, Warfarin comes to mind, cheese and mousetraps etc!
However, I am wondering this and have meant to ask. What is the plural of computer mouse? Is it mice or mouses? If you are in a computer shop to buy two, do you ask for mice? I suppose you do.
You are not alone in finding the middle wheel challenging. I never did hack it, so now have a cord one again, and although it does have a small middle wheel, I never use it.No wonder my scores are pathetic.....
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