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#1208555 - Fri Oct 12 2018 03:34 PM Re: Minor Issues
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Eh it is not even necessarily anything as..."morally flexible" as that....Bus Ride actively encourages research. There is even a link to a wikipedia article on the country of interest right on the game page. That is fine for the game...but the results still go into the average difficulty rating of the questions on quizzes that see the bulk if their traffic from Bus questions that should probably be in mixed game or even Smartest tend to show up in Piece of Cake...

#1208557 - Fri Oct 12 2018 03:58 PM Re: Minor Issues
brm50diboll Offline

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True, but I have argued for several years elsewhere that percentage correct is not nearly as meaningful a statistic as some have claimed it is, and not just in Geography. Selection bias strongly inflates the percentage correct number, especially in niche categories. Single questions are much less affected by this sort of bias, since the New Question Game exposes these questions to a fairly representative cross section of the FT public. But in certain niche categories, the base quizzes from which the Duel questions are drawn are significantly distorted by selection bias. The kind of people who play "Diseases" quizzes (such as me, obviously indicating a serious departure from the norm, just from that fact) is very different from the kind of people who would play "Diseases" as a Duel category. Maybe 75% of the questions may be correct in the source quizzes (even assuming completely standard method of play), but the % correct for those same questions in the Duel setting would be significantly lower as many players who would not normally play "Diseases" as quizzes will play it as a Duel, especially Gold Members who regularly play all 15 Duels a day.

By the way, the increasing number of photo quizzes and match quizzes does help prevent the "loophole" I mentioned in the overall numbers, but that is totally useless with regard to Duels, since questions from photo quizzes and match quizzes are excluded from being in Duels. I am less worried about inflation in Geography quizzes than you, as only a small minority of Geography questions are actually traceable to quizzes used in the Bus Ride. I happen to love Geography, so I play it not just in Duels, but in the World Quiz, in Pot of Gold (where it regularly dominates one day of the week) and in the Global Challenge. Geography is a much broader category than just the Bus Ride (non-photo, non-match) quizzes.

We should be suspicious of high percentage correct in *any* type of quiz-based question. That stat should not be afforded the significance people routinely attribute to it.

#1208590 - Fri Oct 12 2018 08:18 PM Re: Minor Issues
Triviaballer Offline

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I agree with the recent discussion on long questions and difficulty sorting. Any question over 100 words should not be in the Easy game or if you ask me any other timed game. I frequently blitz/skim questions and often pick the wrong answer because of sifting through lots of filler. With so many challenges now dictating to complete such and such game in such and such time I'm getting a lot more wrong. For example, in the New Question game if I'm trying to get 10/10 in 37 seconds I'll likely miss a few I would have gotten right had I taken more time. If others are doing the same then the question's difficulty from the 300 or so plays that it gets may not accurately reflect its actual difficulty. I don't understand why if the New Question game / single questions have a character/word limit why regular quizzes shouldn't either or if not filter those questions out of timed games. Even so, I don't really have a better way to sort questions into the various games.

#1208757 - Mon Oct 15 2018 12:43 AM Re: Minor Issues
samak Offline
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A duel topic today is "President's Families". Shouldn't that be "Presidents' Families"?

#1208887 - Tue Oct 16 2018 06:56 AM Re: Minor Issues
gshorey Offline

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Playing Funtrivia weekly dual game I had a question come up with no question just four answers (title of the quiz was showed), submitted error report then decided to play the quiz and got the message quiz deleted.

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