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Whatever happened to Burma and Abyssinia? Where did Persia go? And where the heck is Siam? Territorial names and boundaries are forever changing. These quizzes offer geography with a dash of history!
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31 Historic and Ancient Ruins V
Ruins from different countries and cultures all over the world tell fascinating stories of their distant pasts. Though now they may be destroyed, their legacies still live on and on...
10 Q
Apr 09 10
555 plays
32 Geographical History of Israel's Cities
This quiz covers the Geography, History, and Historical Geography (or is it Geographical History?) of some of the major cities of Israel.
10 Q
Mar 12 09
678 plays
33 Where Was That?
Old maps may show countries by strange names, names that are now only a memory. Twenty-five of those names are shown here, and all we ask of you is to put them back on the map. So, where were these places, and what are they called now?
25 Q
Jun 24 12
981 plays
34 Must See Egypt
Travel with me to Egypt and visit the great archaeological sites and ancient ruins.
10 Q
Sep 03 13
1335 plays
35 Napoleon's Geography Lesson
Bonjour! I am the great Napoleon Bonaparte. Come with me and see my world!
10 Q
Dec 05 12
558 plays
36 Madeira: It's More Than Just a Piece of Cake
The lovely tropical island of Madeira boasts an equable temperature throughout the year. It is a favourite holiday destination for many. This quiz explores the island, culture and history.
10 Q
Jan 12 09
462 plays
37 Former Non-British Colonies
I want the name of a former non-British colony, dependency, trust territory or the like. I will give you the capital, but no hints. Only clue: This area is not called the same any more.
25 Q
May 16 02
3288 plays
38 Declarations of Independence
In this quiz I give you four countries and you have to decide which one declared independence first. Countries, whose independence wasn't recognised at first, count.
10 Q
Jun 08 08
870 plays
39 New Country Quiz
During the past couple of decades, a lot of new countries have been formed. I for one have had a hard time keeping up with them- how about you?
10 Q
Feb 23 02
9819 plays
40 Old Name New Name
Throughout history, the names of many places in the world have changed for one reason or another. Can you make the connection?
10 Q
Jul 20 00
11550 plays
41 That Island With All The Big Heads On It
Rapa Nui,or Easter Island as it is now more commonly known as, has remained an enigma for many people over the last 300 or so years. This quiz will answer some of the questions you may have about it and confirm some of the facts you already know.
10 Q
Dec 08 03
1854 plays
42 High In The Sky
Can you answer the questions about these tall structures?
10 Q
Nov 08 13
657 plays
43 Geography of Ancient Egypt
Egypt is a very different country today than it was in the past. How much do you know about this country's ancient geography?
10 Q
Mar 19 12
369 plays
44 See You On The Other Side
Which side of Turkey was the best place for ancient settlement - the European side or the Asian side?
10 Q
Apr 19 13
405 plays
45 Volcanoes and Earthquakes
This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of some notable volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that have been officially recorded in the last 1000 years.
10 Q
Sep 27 08
1641 plays
46 Historic and Ancient Ruins IX
Ruins from different countries and cultures all over the world tell fascinating stories of their distant pasts. Although they may now be destroyed, their legacies still live on.
10 Q
Mar 27 11
411 plays
47 British Place Names Abroad
This is a quiz that will explore the connection of British place names and historical people with New World cities.
10 Q
Dec 16 03
2907 plays
48 Geographical Renamings
This quiz is about countries around the world which have been renamed.
10 Q
Dec 02 10
1218 plays
49 Ancient Names of Cities and Countries
This quiz is about the ancient names of cities and countries.
10 Q
Nov 01 10
1497 plays
50 Former Independent Countries
I want the name of a country that once, at least formally, was independent, or had a semi-independent or 'free state' status, but is now part of one or more other countries. I will give you the period of independence and the continent.
25 Q
May 09 02
1263 plays
51 Went to a Garden Party
Many people enjoy the beauty and fragrances of expansive flower gardens. However, the term "garden" can reference many different descriptions in our world's geography, not just plant life. Please enjoy this quiz about a number of the world's gardens.
10 Q
Sep 26 12
471 plays
52 Colonies and Territories
Do you know which country claimed each colony or territory or what the capital of that colony is or its history? If you do, this is the quiz for you.
20 Q
Dec 08 01
3693 plays
53 Short-lived 20th Century States
In this quiz I will give you the name of the capital of a no longer existing state and the time of its existence. You give me the name of the state (which often was not acknowledged by anyone).
20 Q
Nov 06 05
744 plays
54 No Longer Capitals 5
This is my fifth former capitals quiz. This time I name the former capital, you name the country.
Very Difficult
25 Q
May 08 06
2466 plays
55 Sure, You Know Me Now!
Sure, you know me now! But what about a few years ago? "A rose by any other name/would smell just as sweet". See if you know me by my original name.
Very Difficult
5 Q
Ft. Brooke
Aug 21 02
3552 plays
56 Who Ruled What
I'll give you the name of a place, and you tell me what nation or empire ruled it at the time stated.
10 Q
Mar 10 02
1656 plays
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* What name did the country of Iran used to have?
* The Turkish city of Istanbul used to be called what?
* Fort York is now which major Canadian metropolis?
* The Asian country of Thailand used to be called what?
* Ho Chi Minh City used to be known as what?

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