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Idiomatic and proverbial language gives us some of our most colorful phrases and most familiar wisdom. An idiom is a figure of speech that often makes no sense when taken literally; you can be in a pickle if you don't understand them! Meanwhile, a proverb is a common saying that expresses some piece of folk wisdom.

Come try our quizzes on English idioms and proverbs from around the world! After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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61 Speaking Proverbially
In this quiz you will find a mixture of proverbs. Have a go at answering the questions and see how many of them you can recognise.
Very Easy
10 Q
Aug 04 11
1698 plays
62 You Are Such an Idiom!
A little learning can be a dangerous thing, but if you know your idioms, then your answers won't need to be a shot in the dark.
10 Q
Feb 17 11
1575 plays
63 The Black Sheep of Cliches
I do not wish to bite off more than I can chew, but I'm presenting you a quiz about cliches, idioms, etc. that begin with the letter B or begin with a word that begins with the letter B. Hopefully, there's no need to batten down the hatches.
10 Q
May 07 13
777 plays
64 All You Need is Anger
How many of these idiomatic expressions related to anger can you recognise?
10 Q
Mar 06 13
2958 plays
65 A Piece of Cake
A small portion cut from a baked, sweetened loaf, or 'a piece of cake'. Can you identify the idiom written in other words?
Very Easy
10 Q
Aug 10 12
1386 plays
66 Everything But the Kitchen Sink
English is rich with phrases that make little sense with a literal translation but are nonetheless used every day! Do you recognize the idioms in this quiz? Have a ball!
Very Easy
10 Q
May 30 14
1428 plays
67 Hats Off to You
This is a quiz about common English idioms that include 'hat' in the sayings! Have fun with this quiz!
Very Easy
10 Q
Jan 28 12
1083 plays
68 Idiomatic Language
When people express themselves in idiomatic language,they use 'traditional phrasings' that have a fixed form and a meaning that goes beyond the strict literal sense of the words. See which "standing expressions" suit the contexts given below.
10 Q
Sep 14 03
7206 plays
69 Well, DO You Know Jack?
Each saying, word, or idiom in this quiz contains the word "Jack" or "jack." This is in honor of my new kitten, Jack Rabbit Raymer. He was born on May 5, 2002 (Cinco de Mayo).
15 Q
Nov 10 02
5196 plays
70 Things My Grandma Says
My Grandma, and probably yours as well, has a treasure trove of sayings handed down over the generations. Many have become universal.
10 Q
Apr 13 11
1398 plays
71 Weird Words & Phrases
Have you ever been told something that makes it hard to "keep a stiff upper lip" (not cry) or a "straight face" (not laugh)? Weird words and expressions make the best insults, compliments, and jokes. And some common words come from surprising places.
10 Q
Apr 21 12
1443 plays
72 Idioms in the Funeral Trade
Every profession has its own idioms and sayings. These expressions are used in the funeral industry. I'll tell you the expression, and you tell me what it translates to, for those of us not in the trade!
10 Q
Mar 30 04
3639 plays
73 Food and Drink in Idioms
Food and drink are such common realities that they of course play a major role in daily idiom. This quiz deals with idiomatic language that refers to those basic 'ingredients' of life. This quiz has a British English slant.
10 Q
Jan 23 02
6762 plays
74 Twas a Cold, Cold Day
This is my first quiz. Try getting Mr. Grumps warm by answering all questions correctly. All the idioms used contain the word cold.
Very Easy
10 Q
Feb 27 14
891 plays
75 Finish My Proverb
Here is a list of ten proverbs for you to complete - and the history or origin behind most of them. Have fun.
10 Q
Nov 09 10
1638 plays
76 Three- Step Idioms And Phrasings
For reasons that are not fully understandable we like to hear things in resounding wave patterns. In particular, three-step rhythmic patterns have always been popular with the great 'communicators'. Check how well acquainted you are with such phrasings.
10 Q
Jan 29 02
5244 plays
77 Five Golden Rings
I was surprised to learn that the 'Five Golden Rings' in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" were actually ring-necked pheasants. It got me thinking about other uses of the word 'ring'. How many do you know?
10 Q
Jan 09 13
1155 plays
78 Has Elvis Left the Building?
American English is filled with idioms and peculiar expressions. All of these contain a person's name. Good luck!
10 Q
Oct 15 13
975 plays
79 Where Does That Phrase Come From?
Most people have heard the phrase describing the finality of death "where are the snows of yesteryear?" But where does the phrase come from? This quiz explores the origins of popular and famous phrases.
10 Q
Apr 09 13
906 plays
80 Why Did I Say That?
There are many idioms and phrases we use every day without fully understanding their initial meaning or origin. Do this quiz and you will be able to answer the question, 'Why did I say that?'
10 Q
Sep 03 11
1365 plays
81 Get on the Gravy Train with Cliches!
Go like the wind, go bananas, go for broke, go whole hog, go hog wild, go out on a limb, go against the grain, or just go along for the ride, but go and enjoy a quiz about cliches with a key word beginning with the letter "G".
10 Q
Apr 09 15
525 plays
82 Which Idiom Did I Use at the Party?
I went to a party and overheard several conversations that guests were having. I'll tell you the things I heard, and you tell me the idiom I used in response to their conversations! Good luck!
Very Easy
10 Q
Nov 01 10
1527 plays
83 All About Fall
This is a quiz for the first day of fall this year. In the United States, people mostly say "fall," not "autumn." This quiz, like my previous heart quiz, looks at the word "fall" in a variety of ways. I hope you enjoy seeing various ways to say "fall."
15 Q
Sep 24 09
1746 plays
84 Let's Talk Musical Sayings
You don't need to be musical or have any musical knowledge to do this quiz. These are everyday sayings that include a reference to something musical. Can you complete them?
10 Q
Aug 06 13
1527 plays
85 There's a Saying About That
Some of the wisest advice comes from proverbs, although some proverbs contradict one another. How well do you know these proverbs?
10 Q
May 26 13
1512 plays
86 A Wing and a Prayer
English is rich in idioms and sayings. Some of these are centuries old. Follow me on my walk through some of these.
10 Q
Apr 07 14
495 plays
87 With Love from Me to You
The English language has scores of phrases that make reference to love. Do you know what each of these 'love' phrases means?
10 Q
Jul 19 06
4827 plays
88 Buying The Farm
Welcome to the FunTrivia farm, where you are a prospective buyer. The problem is that you have a tendency to use too many idioms in everyday speech, and the farmer will take everything you say literally. Good luck with buying the farm!
10 Q
May 26 14
678 plays
89 Left By the Whey-Side
Dr. Linguisti is an English professor. His students love him, but he always mixes up his sayings. Just the other day, Dr. Linguisti said "left by the whey side" instead of "fall by the wayside!" Can you help his students figure out the correct idioms?
10 Q
Nov 02 13
606 plays
90 Don't Be Such an Idiom!
Don't be such an idiom! In the English world, there are so many English idioms that one like you may not exactly understand. Don't be fooled by what they seem to mean, or you'll be in hot water! What? You don't know what that means? *facepalm*
Very Easy
10 Q
Jan 18 13
1353 plays
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* How, when, where - should you 'never choose your women or your linen'?
* Where is, according to "conventional wisdom", "a woman's place"?
* Who 'may look at a king'?

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