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Name the song.
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61 Did a Vogon Write Those Lyrics?
According to Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", Vogons write the worst poetry in the universe, poetry you'd gnaw your leg off to escape. Let's explore the Vogon influence on Earth music.
10 Q
Jan 13 05
912 plays
62 Name That Tune Classic Rock Style #1
I give you a commonly known line or more and you name that tune.
10 Q
Jun 12 03
6381 plays
63 It's called "Teenage Wasteland," right?
There are many popular songs that few people know the title of. Can you match these familar songs with their not-so-familiar titles?
10 Q
Sep 07 03
3321 plays
64 Guess the Song
Otherwise known as "Name that Tune". Enjoy!
10 Q
Oct 02 12
1044 plays
65 Name That Tune Classic Rock Style #6
In this quiz, I will give you a few lines of lyrics and you "Name That Tune".
10 Q
Feb 22 04
2973 plays
66 Name That Tune!
We all know how to play name that tune. I'll give you a lyric, you pick or fill in the artist. Simple, right?
10 Q
Oct 17 03
3636 plays
67 To What Song Do These Lyrics Belong? (Part 2)
You seemed to like my first quiz about this, so here is number 2 in the series!
15 Q
May 10 03
1005 plays
68 Which Song Isn't It?
This is a unique twist for a lyrics quiz. I'll give a word or phrase and you pick the song that does NOT contain that word or phrase. Note: the words must be in the song exactly as contained in the question.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 02 03
1755 plays
69 More Easy Lyrics!
This is my third quiz. 25 simple questions and even simpler 25 answers. Good luck!
25 Q
Jun 03 03
3933 plays
70 Sing Me Again!
This is Round Two of the Sing Me quizzes. Like before, I will display verses of different songs, from Big & Rich, to Trapt and others. Name the song that goes with the verse.
10 Q
Feb 07 08
609 plays
71 Where'd That Line Come From?
So that line sounds familiar... but do you know which song it's from? This covers songs from the last four decades!
15 Q
Mar 06 03
3297 plays
72 What Song is it?
This quiz has music from the oldies to today's number 1 hits. Can you guess which song has these lyrics?
10 Q
Jun 14 08
1320 plays
73 I wanna rock Rock ROCK!
Pretty simple format: I give you the lyric, you give the title of the song. All have to do with some of my favourite rock tracks of all time.
15 Q
Dec 05 02
3009 plays
74 Music Meltdown
I will give you some popular lyrics and you name the song.
10 Q
May 08 11
795 plays
75 Miscellaneous Song Lyrics
Lyrics from a cross section of musical genres. Including Oldies, Rock and Country. I will give you the lyric, you give me the song title.
10 Q
May 09 03
3234 plays
76 I Know I Heard Those Lyrics, but Where the Heck?
Can you name the song just by reading one or two lines of the lyrics?
10 Q
Jun 21 02
8403 plays
77 Name That Tune Classic Rock Style #4
I will give you lyrics to a classic rock song and you name that tune.
10 Q
Jul 18 03
2997 plays
78 The Walkman on the Bus Quiz 2
Can you identify the following songs, as sung by a man listening to a Sony Walkman on the bus?
10 Q
Mar 25 02
4773 plays
79 Really Impossible Lyrics
As I have played these games I keep seeing questions that only a true metalhead, punk rocker, alternateen, etc could possibly answer. This is my attempt to create such a quiz. Mostly punk metal.
10 Q
Mar 23 01
4014 plays
80 The Songs That Made The Whole World Sing
Examine a sample of lyrics from songs new and old, from 1980s rock to 2008 pop; can you name them? Loosen your fingers, warm up your voice, tune your memory, here we go...
10 Q
May 26 08
1101 plays
81 Name That Tune!
Can you name the song or artist with only a few lines of lyrics?
10 Q
Mar 30 05
2934 plays
82 A Mixed Lyrics Quiz
I will be giving lyrics from songs and you can try to tell me which songs they are from, the bands are mostly American and Rock, but there are a few others thrown in there as well!
10 Q
Apr 12 10
483 plays
83 What Song Is That From?
I will give you a line from a song, and you have to figure out what song it is from.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Jun 15 09
675 plays
84 Name the Classic Rock Tune
A small portion of lyrics from classic rock songs will be provided for each question. All you have to do is select the title of the tune.
20 Q
Jan 24 03
2802 plays
85 Trivial Per Suit
A little lyrical pursuit for your enjoyment. These are songs from my "classic rock" collection. Have fun!
10 Q
Aug 22 03
1578 plays
86 Songs To Cry A River By
These are songs to cry a river by. For some, they cause a tear or two to come to the eye. I give you some lyrics, and you guess what the song is.
10 Q
Aug 18 02
2421 plays
87 What's The Song?
These lonely lyrics need a match! Can you give them a correct title?
10 Q
Aug 04 07
1284 plays
88 My Favourite Songs
These are lyrics from twenty of my favourite songs, many of them are from the 1980s. I will give you a popular lyric from the song and you give me the title.
20 Q
Nov 01 05
1047 plays
89 Another Easy Lyrics Quiz!
Once again I'll give you 25 quotes from well-known songs and you have to name the title. Good luck!
25 Q
May 20 03
2337 plays
90 Just very easy lyrics!
I'll give you some lyrics, and you have to name the title. Almost all fill in the blank questions, but all are very easy. Good luck!
25 Q
May 16 03
1731 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* David Bowie: 'I ain't got the power anymore'?
* Rolling Stones: 'Take all the pain - it's yours anyway...yeah kid'
* Hole: 'Slut-kiss girl, won't you promise her smack...'
* Smiths: 'Punctured bicycle on a hillside, desolate. Will nature make a man of me yet?'
* Louis Prima: 'I'll join in matrimony with the girl who serves spumoni'

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