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31 Joy to The Max
"Mad Max" was quite a character, but this quiz is dedicated to real people named Max. Wishing them joy in this holiday season, even if they're no longer with us. Please enjoy!
10 Q
Dec 20 13
342 plays
32 First Name Ryan (North American)
As a companion to my "Last Name Ryan", these questions are about people with the first name Ryan.
10 Q
Sep 15 12
309 plays
33 Let's Go a "Carol"-ing: People, not Songs
The singing of carols is usually reserved for the holidays. However, these famous Carols, Carrolls, Karols, Carolyns and Carolines can be found in a quiz any time. Some are still popular performers, while others are either retired or have passed away.
10 Q
Jan 02 13
738 plays
34 Art for Art's Sake
I have accepted the challenge of kyleisalive on creating a quiz on Art for Art's Sake. Your challenge is to sort through famous people named Art, Arthur, Artie and other forms of the name to find the right person named Art.
10 Q
Jul 31 09
921 plays
35 Jacks and Jills
Jack and Jill went up the hill...and became famous! In this quiz, we alternate between an illustrious Jack and an esteemed Jill, from the preforming arts to politics to journalism. How many of these prominent persons can you recognize?
10 Q
Nov 08 14
357 plays
36 Whatever Happened to Alfred?
Spend time thinking about some of the world's most famous Alfreds? Wonder whatever happened to them? If you do, this quiz is tailor made for you. If you don't, never fear! It will still give you a few moments of pleasant distraction.
10 Q
Jun 16 10
348 plays
37 May I Have the Bill, Please?
Hundreds of people known as Bill or Billy have had an effect, for good or ill, on our world. Can you identify these Bills or Billies, from the clues given?
10 Q
Feb 03 09
1167 plays
38 You Could Call Me Red
All the people in this quiz have names which mean 'red', or have been nicknamed 'red'. Can you recognise them all?
10 Q
Jun 08 13
909 plays
39 Once in a Kyle
Kyle is an amazing name; take it from me. But I'm not alone in this world. No. There are several of us. Maybe even hundreds of thousands of us. You simply need to know ten Kyles or Kylies (eleven if you include me). Good luck!
10 Q
Jul 15 12
1365 plays
40 First Names Of Famous Characters
Some people, fictitious or historical, have become so famous that they are universally known as symbols of success, virtue, vice or whatever. Occasionally their first names are less generally known. See how familiar you are with the greats of this planet
10 Q
Oct 10 02
4194 plays
41 Follow That, Jack!
This quiz is about important, famous or successful people with the first of Jack.
15 Q
May 18 14
663 plays
42 Tom, Dick or Harry?
All the questions in this quiz will pertain to people whose first name is some variation of Tom, Dick or Harry. They come from a wide variety of fields and places, so they're not just any Tom, Dick or Harry. Have fun:-)
10 Q
May 16 12
369 plays
43 Do You Know Mo?
Mo is a common nickname for Maureen and Morris. Can you spot some well known people with these names?
10 Q
Jul 05 08
762 plays
44 Every Tom, Dick, and Harry
Each question will refer to a famous person known by the first name of Tom, Dick, or Harry.
10 Q
May 20 12
864 plays
45 Tom, Dick or Harry ?
Give the First and Last Names of these famous men - all of whom are TOM, DICK or HARRY. (watch your spelling)
10 Q
Feb 19 00
8055 plays
46 Roberts Rule
All questions have to deal with people named Robert.
10 Q
Mar 18 12
648 plays
47 Roberts Rule Too
A sequel to my Roberts Rule Quiz; once again the questions are about people named Robert.
10 Q
May 28 12
369 plays
48 Herbs and Roses
Herb and Rose are two very uncommon names. Can you identify these famous persons who are known by them?
10 Q
Oct 01 12
378 plays
49 Which Phil Is It?
This quiz is all about people named Phil (or Philip). How well do you know your Phils?
10 Q
Aug 17 09
612 plays
50 Jim, Jimmy, James
My name is James (Jim) so I figured why not make up a quiz on famous men throughout history with the names James, Jim or Jimmy. Good luck with the quiz.
10 Q
Sep 14 09
879 plays
51 My Name Is Max
A little trivia regarding the famous Max's of this world- some real and some fictional. Have a go. In fact, give it your "max."
10 Q
Jul 14 08
633 plays
52 Well Known Matts and Matthews
Is it Matt or Matthew? From the clues provided see if you can guess the last name of these personalities. Good Luck!
10 Q
Mar 29 08
1188 plays
53 Not Just Your Average Joe - Guys Named Joe
We all know a lot of famous (and some infamous) guys named Joe, Joey or Joseph. Grab yourself a nice hot cuppa Joe and see what you know about who these Joes are and what they did.
10 Q
Jul 18 12
435 plays
54 What A Charlie
This quiz is all about people with the christian names Charles, Charlie, or maybe even Charlotte. Some living, some dead. See how much you know about this most regal of appellations.
10 Q
Nov 26 11
495 plays
55 A Man Called Jean
Well..ok, ten men to be precise - all named Jean/Gene. Can you work out who from the clues?
10 Q
Sep 15 02
1788 plays
56 Will-I-Am: Men named William, Bill, etc (All U.S)
The names William, Will, Bill, Billy, Willie include many famous gents. They include a conqueror, a famous bard and these forthcoming guys. Do you think you can do well here? Sure you can, because where there's a Will, there's a way.
10 Q
Jul 04 12
201 plays
57 First Name Basis
See if you know the surnames of these famously first-named figures!
10 Q
Nov 20 09
1035 plays
58 Walter, Walter Everywhere
Yes, there are Walters everywhere at the movies. Can you identify them?
10 Q
Mar 15 14
471 plays
59 Famous Peters
This quiz is for my pug, Peter. It's about famous men in history named Peter. See how many you know.
10 Q
Jan 12 05
834 plays
60 Adams and Eves
This quiz was prepared in response to an author quiz challenge. Thanks to spanishliz for setting the challenge of 'Adams and Eves'. Select the correct 'Eve' or 'Adam' for each of the questions below.
10 Q
Jul 06 14
363 plays
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This is category 14066
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Jack Davenport is the actor son of which British actress?
* Jack Jones was a leading British trade unionist for many years. Now retired, he is a national campaigner on what issue?
* Which actor played the title role in the romantic comedy film, 'Jack and Sarah'?
* Another writer Jack has the same surname as a city - which one?
* The Gloucestershire sportsman R C Russell was nicknamed Jack - what was his sport?

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