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31 British Prime Ministers
How much do you know about British Prime Ministers? Here is an eclectic mixture for you to ponder.
10 Q
Feb 18 13
273 plays
32 Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850)
Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister 1834-35 and 1841-46, is widely admired as a reformer and as one Britain's greatest peace time Prime Ministers. He had the ability to change his mind, say so and do what he thought necessary ...
10 Q
Aug 06 03
330 plays
33 British Prime Ministers 1910 - 2010
Over this period Britain has had 18 different prime ministers, some of whom have held the post more than once. Here are some memorable and not so memorable claims to fame.
10 Q
Jul 25 10
348 plays
34 Politics UK
A variety of questions about the workings of the political system in the UK.
10 Q
Jan 29 02
3294 plays
35 The Prime Ministers of United Kingdom
Welcome. You will be quizzed on the Prime Ministers of United Kingdom from the first in 1721 to Today
10 Q
Apr 23 07
729 plays
36 Northern Ireland Politics
Recent political developments will hopefully ensure a sustained peace in Northern Ireland. How much do you know about the progress the politicians are creating?
Very Difficult
10 Q
Aug 08 02
636 plays
37 The Life of Robert Walpole
Robert Walpole is regarded by historians as the first Prime Minister of Britain though the title was never used during his lifetime. Here are ten questions about his life.
10 Q
Jan 17 07
192 plays
38 The Blair Government
I'll give you clues about senior members of the Blair government since 1997, and you tell me who the individuals are.
10 Q
Apr 30 04
909 plays
39 The Iron Lady
This quiz is about Britain's first woman Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. It was the Soviet news agency, Tass, that dubbed her the 'Iron Lady.' They did so in 1976 when she was Leader of the Opposition.
20 Q
Sep 11 02
1323 plays
40 William Pitt the Younger
William Pitt the Younger became Prime Minister in 1783 at the age of just 24 and went on to dominate political life in Britain until his early death in 1806. I hope you enjoy my quiz about this remarkable figure!
10 Q
May 17 06
261 plays
41 British Prime Ministers
I will avoid the oft-asked questions about the first Prime Minister (Walpole), the only one assassinated (Perceval), and the one who gave his name to the police (Peel). Everything else, though, is fair game!
10 Q
Jan 05 04
723 plays
42 Tony Blair: Wizard or Wonk?
Tony Blair was a consummate politician. By turns he has appeared charming and convincing, a skilled speechmaker, a "New Labour" activist, a Guitar God, and a family man- sometimes all in the course of 24 hours. As Heart sings,"He's a magic man."
10 Q
Jun 27 07
423 plays
43 British Politics for Foreigners
Questions on British politics and government. Mainly for Americans and Australian.
10 Q
Dec 11 01
1908 plays
44 20th Century British Prime Ministers
This is a selection of questions about various British Prime Ministers who held office during the 20th century. No sex scandals here!
10 Q
Aug 30 02
1341 plays
45 British Leaders
A quiz on Britain's rulers from the eighteenth century to the present day.
15 Q
May 24 00
1839 plays
46 The 1987 British General Election
Questions on the 1987 British General Election.
15 Q
Feb 13 04
504 plays
47 UK Politicians' Nicknames
Love them or hate them, politicians have their nicknames. See which UK statesmen and women you recognise
10 Q
Jun 29 00
1848 plays
48 The UK General Election 2001
The UK had a General Election on June 7th 2001. Here are a few questions on the results of the election and the soundbites of the campaign. Note: all information for this quiz was taken from and also from BBC election broadcasts.
10 Q
Jun 07 01
858 plays
49 UK Parliament
All questions refer to the practices and principles of the British Parliament.
10 Q
Mar 17 13
363 plays
50 Northern Ireland Political Quotations
Some policitians spoke too much on Northern Ireland; others spoke too little. Can you remembers some of the more famous political sayings, slogans and quotations from here in recent years?
10 Q
Aug 23 02
486 plays
51 The Scottish Parliament
The first election to the new Scottish Parliament took place in September 1999. The following quiz asks general questions about the Parliament. There are also a few questions about the people and events in the first term of the Parliament.
15 Q
Nov 09 02
498 plays
52 Oliver Cromwell
Oliver Cromwell and the English Civil War.
15 Q
Feb 15 01
1377 plays
53 Shaftesbury - The Poor Man's Earl
Social reformer, aristocrat, evangelist, politician. It was hard to know how to categorise Shaftesbury. I hope you enjoy learning about him, and are inspired by the story of this great man.
15 Q
Apr 28 05
216 plays
54 Tony Blair - Little Known Facts
This is a quiz on Tony Blair. It is not about politics, but about the man himself. Good luck and I hope you find it interesting!
10 Q
Apr 10 02
879 plays
55 British MPs (2002)
I will name a British MP who was active in 2002, and you should select the name of the party to which he or she belonged. Good luck!
10 Q
Oct 15 02
699 plays
56 Good Old Mr Wilson
Sorry, but this is not a quiz about the grumpy neighbour in the TV series 'Just Dennis,' instead it is about Harold Wilson who was the British Prime Minister from 1964-1970 and again from 1974-1976.
25 Q
Sep 15 02
606 plays
57 British Politics
Some people think that politics is boring, but it's a subject I love. This quiz tests your knowledge of British Politics in recent times - some of it is hard, and some is really easy so have a go - you should at least get some answers right!
10 Q
Sep 06 00
1359 plays
58 Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher was the first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. During her time in Downing Street she changed the face of British politics and left an indelible mark on world history.
10 Q
Jun 01 05
762 plays
59 Defectors
A quiz about British Members of Parliament who have defected to other Parties.
10 Q
Feb 14 04
339 plays
60 Lord Palmerston
Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, controlled or directed British foreign policy for a great deal of the 19th Century. If you didn't know that, then I don't fancy your chances with this quiz about him.
10 Q
Nov 11 03
267 plays
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This is category 106
Last Updated Jun 01 15 6:30 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* From 1924-29 Churchill was the (Conservative) Chancellor of the Exchequer. Which of these events is Churchill associated with?
* Who was the first British Prime Minister?
* Who was the only British Prime Minister to be assassinated?
* Which peerage did William Pitt the Elder hold?
* Which British PM had the shortest term of office?

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