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31 What product am I?
I will give you an advertising slogan and all you would have to do is decide what product used that slogan. These are United States products. Good luck and have fun!
10 Q
May 26 06
5571 plays
32 Great Advertising Slogans
I'll give you the slogan. You guess the company. Who thinks up this stuff anyway?
10 Q
Oct 18 01
5550 plays
33 20th Century Advertising Icons
Sometimes the advertising icon is better known than the brand itself. See how many you recognize.
25 Q
Jun 27 02
4284 plays
34 Advertising Slogans
I'll give you the slogan, you pick which product the slogan was or is for.
10 Q
Mar 20 04
7248 plays
35 60s and 70s Commercials
Listed is the slogan or 'claim to fame'. Can you guess which product it is?
20 Q
Sep 21 01
3327 plays
36 Slogans and Catch Phrases
See how well you know product and company slogans. Some are old and some are new, come try your luck...
15 Q
Nov 14 00
6438 plays
37 Buy Before You Try
I have fallen prey to many "As Seen On TV" products, which I just knew (at 3:00am) were going to revolutionize my life. See if you recognize a few of these miracle inventions that sound so great, you just want to take their word for it and buy NOW!
10 Q
Jul 08 13
546 plays
38 Popular Slogans 2
The following 10 questions are agency slogans, some old, some current. Take your best shot at them.
10 Q
Jun 08 05
6711 plays
39 Ads and Commercials Blasted from the Past!
Do you know any old advertisements and commercials? It's just easy. I will give you the slogan/s; you will give me the best answer. Good luck and have fun in this one.
10 Q
Jan 09 11
1422 plays
40 Arcane Advertising Again
The guy who invented the TV remote should receive the Nobel Prize but before the days of channel surfing, back in the 50s, folks actually watched the commercials. So, you shouldn't have a problem with these 10 simple questions.
10 Q
Jun 13 04
1896 plays
41 As Seen on TV
Billy Mays, one of America's most recognized pitchmen, died June 28, 2009, at the age of 50. This quiz is a tribute to Mr. Mays, taking you through some of the most recognized products he pitched, as seen on tv.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Sep 06 09
1434 plays
42 70s Breakfast Cereals and Their Characters
Between Saturday morning cartoons, American children of the 1970s were delighted by a myriad of colorful characters hawking their sugary cereals. Some are gone... some continue today. How many do you remember?
10 Q
Sep 29 03
5697 plays
43 The Names Just Don't 'Ad' Up!
Sometimes we wish we would never see another print ad or watch another commercial but there are those ads that are amusing or have characters/actors we like and it makes the ad more palatable. This quiz is about naming those characters.
10 Q
Nov 02 12
513 plays
44 Celebrities in Commercials
Some of these television commercials have celebrities starring in the spots, while some have only the celebrity doing the voice over portions.
10 Q
Jun 05 08
1554 plays
45 Jingles, Slogans and Mascots
Here are some jingles and slogans (old and new) to test your knowledge of American commercials. I have listed the phrase, you guess the product.
15 Q
Sep 18 02
5877 plays
46 US TV Commercials
I give the jingle or description, you name the product. (These are all American products).
10 Q
May 10 02
6711 plays
47 Late Night As Seen on US TV Products
Remember those "infomercials" on American TV? This is a quiz about some of the stuff that is advertised on them.
10 Q
May 14 13
483 plays
48 Pop Songs Found in TV Commercials
Haven't we all groaned when we heard a favorite song used in a commercial? You never enjoy the song the same way again. See how well you know some of these songs.
10 Q
Nov 14 05
2739 plays
49 Jingles/Slogans: Old TV Ads
Have fun remembering these old jingles and slogans from '60s and '70s TV ads.
15 Q
Jul 20 02
3735 plays
50 Second Blast from the Advertising Past
A second serving of slogans is now being served in the quiz buffet. Some of the slogans are very well known, and some of them have vanished into time.
10 Q
Oct 25 13
612 plays
51 Advertising Slogans
Do you pay attention to those boring commercials? This is a fun-filled quiz about all those catchy songs and phrases that entertain us between the shows. Good Luck!
10 Q
Jul 23 02
5439 plays
52 What product or service do I need?
With so many products and services out there, I don't know which ones to use! I'll give you part of a jingle or slogan for an 80s US commercial, and you tell me what I need. Good Luck!
15 Q
Nov 15 10
720 plays
53 Some Well-Known Advertising Slogans
This quiz tests your knowledge of some well-known advertising slogans.
10 Q
Feb 19 00
12033 plays
54 TV Commercial Slogans
A quick trip through the catch phrases of TV commercials from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
10 Q
Mar 21 00
6630 plays
55 U.S. Product Mascots, Slogans and Trademarks
This quiz has questions based on the mascots companies have used to sell their products. Good luck!
10 Q
Jul 10 04
1602 plays
56 Popular Slogans 1
For the first 5 questions I'll give you the slogan, you supply the company. For the last five, we're gonna switch and do the opposite. I will try to keep up with changing slogans! Have fun!
10 Q
Jan 19 04
3234 plays
57 Retromercials
Try to identify the classic marketing scheme ...
5 Q
Jun 15 01
5247 plays
58 Miscellaneous US Slogans from the 2000s
This is a quiz on slogans of miscellaneous companies. I will give you the slogan of the company, and you choose the company that uses the slogan specified.
10 Q
Jul 09 09
981 plays
59 When Ads Go Bad...
Advertising is everywhere in America and it might be bad for your head. How much have you absorbed?
10 Q
Jun 23 10
552 plays
60 Between Segments
If you know your US commercials this should be a walk in the park!
10 Q
May 08 01
2739 plays
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This is category 10207
Last Updated Dec 03 14 3:22 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* What product was advertised as 'So round, so firm, so fully packed'?
* 'Think small' the '60-s era slogan for what product?
* Which 1984 U.S. Presidential candidate used the Wendy's 'Where's the beef?' slogan to accuse another candidate of lacking substance?
* 'I can't believe I ate the whole thing' advertised which product?
* You're in good hands with ________________.

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