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Achievement: Mixed Game
Major Challenge
Achievement: Mixed Game
You have achieved tier 0.
Tier 1 - 10 correct in 90 seconds (39148 players)
Tier 2 - 10 correct in 75 seconds (1921 players)
Tier 3 - 10 correct in 60 seconds (1252 players)
Tier 4 - 10 correct in 50 seconds (1330 players)
Tier 5 - 10 correct in 40 seconds (1388 players)
Tier 6 - 10 correct in 30 seconds (730 players)
Tier 7 - 10 correct in 22 seconds (220 players)
You have not yet completed this challenge.
Reward for completion: Badge + 1 level.

The Challenge:

 "The winner of the men's long jump at the instance of games named after the Greek location that has the same name as the capital of the U.S. state that is named after the United States' first president that took place in the southern neighbor country of the United States was...?"

No, we won't mix topics in a single question like this and we won't make you analyze the syntax of a sentence monster like the above either. We'll just give you 10 different questions from all across the spectrum of human knowledge and ask you to return 10 correct answers in 90 seconds (one and a half minutes) or less.

(The answer is Bob Beamon, gold medalist in the 1968 olympics that took place in Mexico City)


 Awarded to every player scoring 10/10 within 90 seconds.

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