Fellow FunTrivia enthusiasts,

there is probably no need to tell you we are facing difficult times - and that term might yet prove to be an understatement. But these are also times where I would like to appeal to you all. Most of us are seekers of knowledge and better informed than the majority. I have seen very level-headed, deep discussions about COVID on the boards and that is a great sign. At this time, I would like to encourage you to use that information and your ability to learn for the common good. Please take some time on social media or wherever you may have the opportunity to spread actual facts, advise people according to expert-endorsed best practices and in general, use your knowledge to help out in any way you can without endangering yourself.

Beyond that, however, I would also like to remind you that for many of us - especially the vulnerable - FunTrivia is a lifeline and will become even more of one over the enforced, required solitude of the next weeks. As such, a lot of members who lose access to other activities, will spend more time here. Make it an enjoyable experience. Be great players, be sporting losers and winners, be there for your fellow quizzers. If you have some time, use it on the forums and chat boards to keep contact and, of course, if you can, author quizzes. The editors and development group will be coming up with additional ideas to get those creative juices flowing and hopefully help those who may find themselves cut off from a lot of life to at least have a bit of daily joy here.

Also, please be reminded that at this time, we would really appreciate if you could bury the hatchets, be positive, and support others. Think twice before posting anything that may be seen as critical or controversial.

Team leaders - now is the time to show your leadership skills. Organize activities for your teams, keep people engaged, make life exciting.

Editors and moderators - please do your best to coordinate and keep things running. This is not the way we would have wanted an activity spike to occur, but make sure that people will have opportunities to take part and that, even in these stressful times, FunTrivia will remain a place that people can come to to experience some joy and a sliver of normalcy.

If you need some additional inspiration, listen to link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-R07ukr9X4 - a song originally written about the environment and preservation, but every note, word and syllable of it are applicable to these times.

This crisis will bring out the worst in some people and the best in others. Let us, all together, show that we are of the latter kind. We can weather this together, and we can be assets to our local and online communities. Please make it happen.

Thank you!

PS: You can also share your experiences, worries and support in this thread: https://www.funtrivia.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/1260700#Post1260700

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