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#267872 - Tue May 24 2005 06:52 AM Review by Blurry
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Online Games

I have been on this Multiplayer Games Site just short of 5 months now. And I haven’t found a better gaming site since!

I remember all the way back to Jan. 3, the day I found the site. I was looking for a Boggle game, and Google led me to Spogg’s version of it, Spellbound. I entered the site and thought what a strange name, Planet Spogg. I wonder what this could be about?

I played Spellbound for a few minutes and as a guest, encountered my first buddy. I have come to know this person very well and remain good buddies with her still.
Little did I know then that I would be hooked on this site for the next 5 months (and continuing) when I became a member, after playing just one game of Spellbound.

But the fun does not end there. Spogg has a total of 10 multiplayer games plus a place for chatting, called Babble. The games include word games, a pictionary type game, a card game, tetris game and more. You will find members with varying skills and always enjoy a good game. This year, tournaments have also been added and this adds to the challenge and friendly competition within the site.

Other areas of Spogg include a forum and several features for members, especially gold members (Gold Spogglingship). Some of the features are your own personal page where you can introduce yourself, receive guestbook messages or gifts from other members and a buddy list. Gold members also have their own journal and image albums.

I cannot decide on one reason why I enjoy this site so much. The games are fun to play but even better is meeting people and becoming buddies with them. I have certainly met some very nice people on Spogg.


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#267873 - Thu May 04 2006 10:57 PM Re: Review by Blurry
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Not sure why I found this after so long but Thanks Blurry, I can me spending some time there


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