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#457385 - Wed Jan 28 2009 12:13 PM Enigma -Riddle for finding a country
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Hi everybody,

Could you help me to resolve that ?
I can't find the solution

The first is 13
The third is the first plus the fourth and the fifth but minus 1
The last is the third minus the fourth
The fourth is the apostles minus the fifth and the fifth is Wise Men
The second is the last divided by the fifth
What country be I ?

I thinks it should be a waterside country but I can't found the solution

Thanks you in advance for your help


#457386 - Thu Jan 29 2009 06:22 AM Re: Enigma -Riddle for finding a country
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Working as follows:

The first letter is the 13th letter of the alphabet =M
The fifth letter is number of Wise men = 3. so 5th letter is C
The 4th letter is 12 (number of appostles minus 3. So ninth letter if the alphbet = I
3rd letter is 13+9+3-1 = 24 = X
2nd letter is 24 divided by 3 = 5, and is an E
last letter is 24 minus 9 = 15 = O


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