Hey everyone!

I have been trying to figure out this geocache puzzle for a few days now and have not been able to get anywhere. For those of you not familiar with geocaching, it's a real-world treasure hunt where you use gps coordinates to find a cache somewhere in the world. This particular cache gives me a puzzle to figure out where the coordinates are and a hint...here it is:

"So it should not take more than a few minutes to solve it. The string of letters below will spell out the co-ords for this cache. They are all run together, so you will have to break them up. But once you decipher the code it will be obvious where the breaks are. So just remember when you look at the letters,( and the cache) they are always to the right."

Code begins: gpitpmryepdocdocgobrdocxrtpdrbrmgobryeppmrmomrdrbrmrohjy

Additional Hint: "In the back of your mind, think of an old Alice Cooper song"

Thanks! I couldn't get this even though it seemed so easy at first! Good luck!