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#1024356 - Thu Dec 05 2013 10:58 AM TriviaFan22
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Hello guys. Some of you will recognize me. I haven't been around much in maybe a month or more. A lot of things have dropped on me recently.

Because of my rigorous social philosophy, I am quite a vocal opponent of what I find in society to be unbecoming to civility. In the service industries many of the workers are young and untrained, and often have unrealistic expectations as well as showing disrespect to customers. In some cases, I will have none of it and I strictly rebuke them for their insolence and helping carry on the deterioriation of our society, the popular custom of the peoples today. Well, sometimes they will not have any of it either and they try to create for me legal problems. But I insist to the present my philosophy is true and correct, it is only something an incorrigible people reject.

So I've been laying low for a long while now. I've also become very possessed with staying up all night and avoiding mornings at all cost. This morning I'm up but intend to fall asleep for the rest of the day when I get home around noon. I do not like the lights and so I must go in for to avoid long exposure.

In other ways, I spend time occasionally with a neighbor, much older than me but open-minded and a coffee drinker. I have from my generosity even brought her sugar and creamer at times when she has been destitute of funds. It is the least I can do if I go over once in a while and have cup with her.

I have also at times enjoyed the odd beer, about 7, and to play the guitar, loud through an amp, which sometimes has disturbed my downstairs neighbors. But through humbling myself, I made peace with them. I would get angry when they came to bang on my door. But afterwards, I left a note of apology and for forgiveness for my impatience and left my number, rathering that call me rather than come bang on my door like a police barricade. But that was my fault, because when they knocked before I could not hear. They must have banged most violently.

And then the books...I have acquired probably well over 60 books THIS year alone. I have been studying Kant, Macchiavelli, Anselm of Canterbury, the Bible, Thomas Sowell, and one other I feel I'm missing but as you can see I have been tremendously busy.

And the holidays, yes I am stuffed today and have been all week. I will leave at 6 am for the local YMCA, I am getting a gym membership. I look quite pregnant after I've eaten, weighing 200 pounds and not even that tall, 5'9".

And at various times I've found myself working on my first book, which I am at about 17,000 words now. In a few binges, I would add 4,000 words in a night. And then other times, I skip work on it for several weeks.

So between the book I'm authoring, the research I'm completing, and my binges then I've been terrible at maintaining any regularity on the site here.

(Aww, yes, I started a book of a few of Solzhenitsyn's speeches, I just remembered.) And I am quite the religious listener of the Michael Savage program.

#1024361 - Thu Dec 05 2013 11:01 AM Re: TriviaFan22
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Registered: Sat Apr 27 2013
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The big one I missed: My computer is having serious technical problems. I still have not discovered what the cause is and it's really messed with my overall routine. That is a huge reason, I spent days just running virus tests, downloading programs, and running all sorts of tests with no result.

#1024663 - Sat Dec 07 2013 03:39 PM Re: TriviaFan22
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Thanks TriviaFan, it's always interesting to read more about our members here, and I think trivia fans do tend to have particularly interesting stories on the whole after reading a good many here over the years. Hence the blog department's existence as well
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#1024670 - Sat Dec 07 2013 04:57 PM Re: TriviaFan22
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Very true, David, thanks. TriviaFan22, your post is much better suited to the Blog Section of Funtrivia.Thanks for joining us.
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#1024675 - Sat Dec 07 2013 06:36 PM Re: TriviaFan22
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I agree with SG and ren. Very interesting, but probably best on the blogs...

I look forward to reading more smile
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#1024701 - Sun Dec 08 2013 05:22 AM Re: TriviaFan22
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I also think that this sort of post is more suited to blogs, it certainly doesn't fit in this particular forum. I will move it to the Welcome forum for now but it might need to be removed entirely once you have perhaps copied the content to a blog.
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