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#1028599 - Fri Jan 03 2014 08:17 PM The Balloon Family
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For those who don't know him, Kerry O'Keeffe is an Aussie cricket commentator extraordinaire and teller of jokes not so extraordinaire. This is one of them I just heard on the radio…

It's night time and the Balloon family have gone to bed. Baby Balloon can't get to sleep so he creeps into mum and dad's room. He slips into the bed and tries to get comforotable between them but there isn't enough room. He undoes a valve and releases a bit of air out of Daddy Balloon. Then he turns to Mummy Balloon, undoes the valve and releases a bit of air. He then snuggles in and sleeps.

Come the morning and the Balloon family are having breakfast. Daddy Balloon does not look happy. He turns to Baby Balloon and says "Do you know what you've done Baby Balloon? You've let me down. You've let your mother down."
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#1028697 - Sat Jan 04 2014 10:33 AM Re: The Balloon Family
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I have a friend who likes to yell bad jokes. In her version of this one, the young balloon student at the inflatable school not only lets himself down, he lets his teacher down and finally, he manages to let the whole school down...
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