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#1085270 - Tue Feb 24 2015 06:04 AM Re: Started more than once, never finished
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Just remembered another (and I hope no-one is going to hate me for it). I'm not a fan of Charles Dickens and have always found it hard to get through his novels which were on our recommended reading lists in school. However, I have to 'fess up that I never managed to get past more than the first chapter or two of "The Old Curiosity Shop", nor even "A Christmas Carol", and I have absolutely no desire to try again now, despite the many years that have passed in the meantime. Heresy, I know, but there you have it.

This thread brings to mind the fond memories I have of other books which I Started more than once, (but am) GLAD I finished. laugh

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#1085274 - Tue Feb 24 2015 07:26 AM Re: Started more than once, never finished
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I spent 15 months a few years back reading (in some cases re-reading) every one of Dickens' novels, plus his two travel books, all his short stories, and quite a big chunk of his social and political journalism. Read nothing else during that time - just Dickens! I have to say I loved it, and it really opened my eyes anew to London whenever I visited; but it's also true to say I doubt I'll ever look at Dickens again (with the possible exception of The Pickwick Papers)!

My personal literary nemesis was Ulysses. My first attempt to read it was in 1974. Tried reading it slowly with explanatory reading guides. Tried sprinting quickly through it. Never got past half-way. Finally after 33 years and half a dozen attempts, I managed it in 2007 - thanks to a 8-week 'Ulysses' class with reading homework each week. Yes it was worth it. smile

Edit: Oops. I see now my Ulysses comment should really have gone in the related thread, not this one. Sorry. frown

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#1085275 - Tue Feb 24 2015 07:38 AM Re: Started more than once, never finished
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Never mind Simpy! It is well worth the read, wherever it is!
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#1085890 - Mon Mar 02 2015 03:15 PM Re: Started more than once, never finished
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The Bonfire of the Vanities is one of two I have. I have started it on four occasions, enjoyed what I have read and then put it down, at almost exactly the same place each time only to not pick it up again for another couple of years.

The other is "The Cold Six Thousand" by James Ellroy. The first time I failed to finish it was because I left it on top of a taxi on Langkawi in Malaysia. The second time was because after reading half of the book, I found I just wasn't enjoying it enough to continue (suprisingly because I normally enjoy Ellroy's writing). I will get back to it I'm sure and finish it but I'm not inclined to just yet.

#1101054 - Fri Jul 03 2015 11:39 AM Re: Started more than once, never finished
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Started never finished, "A Confederacy of Dunces" by John Kennedy Toole. That's the book that the author tried to get published, couldn't, committed suicide, then his mother took up the fight and obviously got it published, to much acclaim.

I can only assume that I am in a minority on my estimation of this book.

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