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#1056190 - Fri Aug 01 2014 11:00 AM does anyone play video games?
acilarincocugu Offline

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i was wondering what kind of video games people who are interested in trivia play if any? i was reading some of the interviews in another forum and saw that some people here have very diverse interests. i sometimes play xbox and emulators. anyone into street fighter series or fifa/pro evolution here?

#1056364 - Sat Aug 02 2014 07:24 AM Re: does anyone play video games?
dg_dave Offline
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Me, I'll play a few different genres, but one thing must ring true: there has to be a finite ending to the game. I have one game from the original Playstation that is on two discs, but it has a final boss and an ending to it.
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#1061492 - Tue Aug 26 2014 09:32 PM Re: does anyone play video games?
TriviaFan22 Offline

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For a long time, when I had bad dreams where people were trying to kill me, I would wake up entering Grand Theft Auto III cheat codes with my hands hoping weapons would fall into my hands. But when my hands start twitching out the codes I just wake up.

I played that game a lot back in 2002 but I still remember some of the cheat codes.

#1061954 - Thu Aug 28 2014 10:05 PM Re: does anyone play video games?
Dragonkin Offline

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I mostly play City Builders (eg Caesar 3, Emperor, Zeus), and RPGs (like Skyrim, Bioshock and Boarderland). Also, I play some building games like Terarria and Starbound, and used to play Minecraft, before it started making me motion sick. I also like hidden object and puzzle games.
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#1062145 - Fri Aug 29 2014 10:49 PM Re: does anyone play video games?
Jakeroo Offline

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I used to play video games, but i'm so old you folks here have probably never heard of them.

I play some internet games these days(mostly through Facebook), but they don't really end, so I'm probably in dgdave's sorta mindset, which I'm assuming means that if there's no sense of accomplishment/closure, then what's the point?
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