I bought an album the other week, and just got it a couple days ago. I gave it a listen through last night and it got to track 9.. And it physically affected my body. I had chills and in the end I had tears in my eyes. The final four songs were also good and those last five tracks 9-13 are in one way for me, the start of the album. 1-8 are good, really good, but the dynamic shifts incredibly from 9 on.

But the two artists that started this project released other music together that for me was life-changing. I've listened to their original band for 12 years now, since I was in 8th grade. They play metal.

And then this album, I see that these two guys together just make great music, period. There's chemistry between them. And it makes me want to look for a musician or two that sees things my way to make music with.

But I'm anti-social and I don't work well in groups. So I think it would be an incredible challenge for me to establish a rapport with another person on the level that would be required.

The singer of that band says he's into hardcore, punk, and especially reggae. But his job is being a singer in a heavy metal band. That's interesting when you think about it, my brother-in-law was a musician in a hard rock-metal band, which some called groove metal or nu-metal, but in the car he a lot of time just has pop music on, Katy Perry and whatever.

As a musician, I like playing heavy metal, the riffs and everything, but I write very soft acoustic stuff. I'm a committed Christian but most Christian music annoys me as bad as country does. And even though I play heavy metal, the songs that probably move me more than anything are the old hymns..

"It is well! With my soul!" And the Old Rugged Cross to name a couple.

So I certainly don't have a concentrated musical ambition.

But after hearing this album, it proves to me that something happens in collaboration that isn't possible with a man whittling a way as a loner, a nobody.

How many people made it that way?

Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Bach, for music. And an assorted handful of the greatest geniuses who ever lived could change the world without ever stepping foot in it. And none of them are living today.

Anyone else will rot in that closet, that basement or booth of isolation, cut off from all else.