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#1071189 - Thu Oct 30 2014 01:57 AM Re: On to October
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I was not sure whether this photo would be appropriate so please delete if necessary. It is the statue of Lorelei, the maiden of the Rhine River who sat on the cliff above the river. Her beauty and song distracted boatmen travelling along the river, causing them to wreck their boats on rocks. The following is the English transcription of Heinrich Heine's 1824 poem 'Die Lorelei'.

I cannot determine the meaning
Of sorrow that fills my breast:
A fable of old, through it streaming,
Allows my mind no rest.
The air is cool in the gloaming
And gently flows the Rhine.
The crest of the mountain is gleaming
In fading rays of sunshine.

The loveliest maiden is sitting
Up there, so wondrously fair;
Her golden jewelry is glist'ning;
She combs her golden hair.
She combs with a gilded comb, preening,
And sings a song, passing time.
It has a most wondrous, appealing
And pow'rful melodic rhyme.

The boatman aboard his small skiff,
Enraptured with a wild ache,
Has no eye for the jagged cliff,
His thoughts on the heights fear forsake.
I think that the waves will devour
Both boat and man, by and by,
And that, with her dulcet-voiced power
Was done by the Loreley.

#1071338 - Thu Oct 30 2014 05:04 PM Re: On to October
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Don't look so cross, Mr Lenin - wait till you see what they did to Stalin.

This is a statue of Lenin which used to be in Budapest somewhere; after the fall of the Soviet Union, many statues representing Communist figures and/or the state were taken down and often smashed to smithereens in countries right across Eastern Europe. But in Hungary many of the statues were just taken down and moved to a park some distance outside Budapest where they have been installed as a reminder to everyone of what it was like under Communist rule.

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#1071352 - Thu Oct 30 2014 08:02 PM Re: On to October
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I can do the mundane, sunset over Cricklewood Broadway. I'd call it artistic in an ironic sort of way.

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#1071360 - Thu Oct 30 2014 08:32 PM Re: On to October
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Satguru, I enjoy your pictures. Whether it's a view of an open valley ("They actually have that much open space in England?") Or a townscape ("Wow, that looks like _____Massachusetts or _____ Connecticut!") it's great to see how each of our cultures have progressed.
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#1071536 - Fri Oct 31 2014 04:09 PM Re: On to October
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Continuing on our walk to Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula....Motueka Island & Poikeke Island in Mercury Bay. Yes, another coastal view... tongue

#1071550 - Fri Oct 31 2014 05:29 PM Re: On to October
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... and Howie brings our lovely October to a close, in this region at least.I will leave this open so everyone can reach November, but open the new one as well. Thanks all!
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