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#1068511 - Sat Oct 11 2014 02:18 AM The U2 album from iTunes.
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Did you download the free U2 album from Apple and what did you think of 'it'?

By 'it' I mean both the actual album and the tactics of iTunes to give it away. Do you think it backfired of either U2 or on iTunes/Apple.

I downloaded it ... figured it was free so why not?
I have always liked U2 but probably wouldn't have bought it so was happy to get it free. I really liked a couple of the songs.

As for the tactics ... doesn't bother me a bit. There seemed to be lots of chatter that it was an invasion of privacy and that, in the 80s, it was akin to an Apple executive walking into your lounge room and putting the CD into the rack. Which isn't an over reaction at all ... crazy

What did you think?

#1068530 - Sat Oct 11 2014 08:06 AM Re: The U2 album from iTunes.
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I don't use Apple/iTunes, but if I did I would have downloaded the album! After all, U2 are my hometown band, of course I'm a fan!!! grin

And as for the "tactics", I have no objection to that either! Postmen drop unwanted mail in my letterbox every day, insurance, internet or mobile phone salespeople phone my home every evening just when I sit down for dinner, window-sellers knock unrequested on my hall door with disappointing regularity, but these "invasions of privacy" don't even get a second-mention, they are an accepted part of every day life. Apple & U2 didn't do anything any worse, and indeed, were even less invasive as they left the album available for download, but didn't force me to download it whether or not I wanted to.
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